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  • The vibrance and squalor of New York City in the 1970s is spread across Bruce Gilden’s street photography like a greasy film. - The New Yorker
  • The images in Shirley Baker’s archive showcase a master of street photography whose total body of work has not been celebrated properly. - The New Yorker
  • Shirley Baker’s photographs reflect on a time of rapid economic and social change, when the British-built environment, and ideals of home and community, were upturned. - The New Yorker
  • Photo Essay by @LouStoppard on Shirley Baker's British Street Photography "Baker has been pigeonholed as documentary photographer of Northern life, rather than the complex artist that she was, until now, her subject matter has eclipsed her" - Photo Collections
  • New posto Street|shin ikegami @ikegami_shin #note #streetphotography SONY ILCE‑7M2 / Voigtlander NOKTON CLASSIC 40mm f1.4 SC VM - shin ikegami
  • #photography can be a powerful #awareness creation and a humanizing tool, and it becomes even more valid when the people behind the camera are part of the communities and issues being portrayed. #kibera #kenya #streetphotography - Carlos Valdivia
  • Tak Tak. Yang mark II. Yang mark iii kecik lagi. Dan banyak buang features menarik :( - Cabi
  • Enjoy the #nyc #streetphotography of @brucegilden - RC deWinter
  • From @rihanna’s career-spanning book to Bill Cunningham’s iconic street photography - The Strategist
  • Photo book Lost and Found "You feel the dirt, you feel the sweat, you feel the sleaziness, you feel the tension, you feel . . . New York.” Bruce Gilden’s street photography in Taxi Driver era - Claudine Boeglin