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  • Jay-Z is “disappointed with Colin's actions and believes he turned a legitimate workout into a publicity stunt,” according to sources - Sports Illustrated
  • Source: Jay-Z disappointed with Colin Kaepernick, Workout became 'Publicity Stunt' - TMZ
  • EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z is reportedly disappointed with Colin Kaepernick, and thinks the quarterback turned his NFL workout into a publicity stunt - XXL Magazine
  • Frydenberg's infrastructure tax cut stunt is an admission of incompetence - Michael Pascoe
  • The film's stunt choreographers share a never seen before fight that features the superheroes #releasethesnydercut - ETimes
  • The NFL has declined to provide Colin Kaepernick with a list of who will attend a workout that the league scheduled for him on Saturday. Kaepernick had requested a list to ensure the tryout is legitimate and not a publicity stunt. - The New York Times
  • General election: Tories misled public with 'factcheck' stunt, says Twitter – live news - Guardian news
  • "I'll believe it when I see it," Eric Reid said of Colin Kaepernick's scheduled workout for NFL teams Saturday. "At this point, it feels like a PR stunt." - SportsCenter
  • Conservative party’s ‘factcheckUK’ Twitter stunt backfires - Financial Times
  • That you would even think of pulling this stunt tells you all you need to know about those running the Tory party. To defend it just reinforces the mendacity. BBC News - Election debate: Tories dismiss criticism over Twitter 'fact-checking' row - Alan Stedman 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺 #FBPE
  • Oh spare me - Stunt Morrison still fighting the last election. And want to see if the money or projects are "new" and when it might be spent. Odds of it being more stunt than substance? - Michael Pascoe
  • “Jay is unhappy with the way things went down...he feels the league was...trying to give Colin an opportunity.” Ask Jay-Z what that “opportunity” was, as they tried to get Kap to sign away his legal right to sue the NFL as a stipulation to “workout.” - L E F T, PhD
  • I’ll add that the point of this stunt is to pretend Schiff is sexist because they know that Trump’s sexism was going to be highlighted by the hearing today. Everything about the right is trolling. Everything. - Amanda Marcotte
  • Jay-Z says Colin Kaepernick turned his ‘legitimate workout’ into publicity stunt: report - New York Daily News
  • Imagine calling yourselves “proud boys” when you’re an embarrassment to humanity. Next time you’re on the highway, do us a favor and drive the hell out of town. Your pathetic, hateful stunts have no place in this city. - Mayor Bill de Blasio
  • How Republicans like Elise Stefanik are misleading people about a political stunt to attack the #impeachmenthearing without defending Trump - Aaron Rupar
  • Conservatives' 'Fact Check' Twitter stunt may have been sinister but it was effective - Sky News
  • 'No Time to Die' stunt team jumps and rolls new Land Rover Defender for forthcoming James Bond film. The new Land Rover will be pushed to the limits. See More: - Jaguar Land Rover North Atlanta
  • Of course they dismiss it. They lie, lie, lie. And it all feeds into the Tory lying machine. They must be delighted to have caused outrage with this cheap stunt, because then they get interviewed again, and can again lie, lie, lie. #getthetoriesout - Hugh Brazier 🕷️ 🇪🇺




First one is one of the biggest wall runs I have done with a half an inch hold at the end - then I s

First one is one of the biggest wall runs I have done with a half an inch hold at the end - then I saw the rain coming so tried to outrun it on the second Ascent but the rain got m...

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