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  • In a free democracy people should be allowed to stand for public office without intimidation. The intimidation of Brexit Party candidates this week has been worthy of a failed South American state. - Nigel Farage
  • Always serving looks - Soompi
  • This is from a year ago, and in 2016 the provider of student accommodation that burnt down last night in Bolton was suspended for breaching fire safety regulations. Why is #boltonfire not top of the news? - Sorana Vieru
  • After years of pumping financial support into dying companies, China is letting them fail—and building a bankruptcy system to clean up the mess - Real Time Economics
  • We will implement an Australian style points based immigration system. - Conservatives
  • CRA job fair and craft sale chaos causes downtown gridlock Ottawa style - Catherine Woods
  • Harry Styles is going on tour with Jenny Lewis in 2020 - Rolling Stone
  • This article is from last year. Combustible cladding on student flats. The government did nothing. #boltonfire - Josephine Liptrott
  • The musical style that best predicts liberalism is hip-hop: for conservatism, it is country - The Economist
  • Hear Harry Styles yearn for taste of "Watermelon Sugar" on new song - Rolling Stone
  • 1. A studio version of #harrystyles' "Medicine" - billboard
  • "It's like Frankenstein's monster. Madness has gripped BJP. The desire to win at any cost has destroyed the very ethos of the party. This is not the party I joined in 2004" - Prodyut Bora, founder of BJP IT cell after resigning in 2015. #गोडसे_मुर्दाबाद - Rofl Republic 🍋🌶
  • Yovanovitch provided a sobering reminder that she and career civil servants are the heroes in this tale of corruption and abuse of power. Trump and his allies behave like movie-style villains in ways that should infuriate all decent Americans. - Jennifer Rubin
  • See the full list of dates for #harrystyles' Love On Tour! - billboard
  • @Harry_Styles is the first-ever back-to-back #bigfitoftheday king - GQ Magazine
  • Again its the New York Times that exposes the rot in SA & ANC. It detaiIs how #anc is in the business of kiIIing now too, even kiIIing members of its own party who expose corruption or don't faII into Iine. CyriI your party is vie & as its Ieader so are u. - LackadaisicalZuma
  • Harry Styles was definitely committed to the theme. - billboard
  • In Praise of Jennifer Nettles’s Equal Play Pants Her red carpet style at the Country Music Awards did the talking for her. Others should follow her example. - Yashar Ali 🐘
  • He stands accused of writing on Nick Jonas' Instagram “Wreck me daddy,” and “Destroy me, king.” And he admits to it! - Out Magazine


اكتفينا من أشخاص على هيئة دروس ، فاللهم أشخاصا على هيئة

اكتفينا من أشخاص على هيئة دروس ، فاللهم أشخاصا على هيئة حياة ، يتصرفون مع القلب كما يتصرفون مع الزج...