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  • Oh what fun! - Frasier & Co today
  • Matic is eyeing a move away from Old Trafford, possibly as early as Jan if #mufc sanctioned a transfer (one was blocked in the summer). Italy still his most likely destination, at this stage - James Ducker
  • Liverpool join Man United, PSG and Real Madrid in chase for Jadon Sancho with England winger looking to leave Dortmund next summer | @AdrianJKajumba @SamiMokbel81_DM - MailOnline Sport
  • There's a new cheap flight option from Chicago to Paris and Rome: Norwegian Air flights launch next summer, starting at $209 - Chicago Tribune
  • Hottest summer on record: 2019 Hottest September on record: 2019 Hottest October on record: 2019 There is no time to waste. We must get Donald Trump out of the White House and address the climate emergency. The survival of our planet depends on it. - Joe Biden
  • A government accountability group is asking the Senate committee that heard testimony this summer from Chad Wolf, Trump's pick for acting Homeland Security Secretary, to refer Wolf for investigation by DOJ over alleged false claims to Congress. - Kyle Griffin
  • when @jonathanchait wrote this in summer 2018, conservative media dismissed as ridiculous the idea that Russia might have cultivated Trump for decades Fiona Hill, a leading US govt Russia expert, now makes clear it’s not ridiculous in the slightest - John Harwood
  • Thousands of firefighters are battling more than 100 fires in eastern Australia amid brutally dry conditions likely to get worse as the county heads into summer. Scientists say Australian bushfires are exacerbated by conditions linked to climate change. - NPR
  • Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris introduced legislation intended to align the school day with the traditional workday — 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. — to reduce the burden of childcare, and to authorize $1.3B annually for summer programming access - CNN
  • This story from photojournalist Tom Aviles is so amazing, you just have to see it yourself. - Christiane Cordero
  • 'Climate models predict Arctic summers will soon be ice-free - perhaps as early as 2030'. But things are worse than that... Arctic sea ice is melting more rapidly than models can explain - an ice-free summer is set to occur in the 2020s. Any year now. - Ben See
  • In August some predicted 50% recession chance. Now many say chance of a recession in next year is ~20% Here's why: -US-China trade war *might* ease -Consumers still strong -Hiring still solid -Many earnings better-than-expected -Yield curve not inverted - Heather Long
  • Fox's has opted to cancel the summer #bh90210 revival - Hollywood Reporter
  • Russian infiltration in Britain’s establishment posed "potentially the most significant threat to the UK's institutions and its ways of life," one witness to the ISC Russia enquiry told lawmakers in written testimony filed last summer and seen by CNN. - Nina dos Santos
  • Known for her dexterous flow and lyrical mastery, @theestallion exudes a self-assured confidence that dares others to match it. Case in point: “hot girl summer” #time100next - TIME
  • The impeachment inquiry "has certainly stirred memories for me of 1998-99 when I worked in the White House, but it also reminded me of attending the Senate Watergate hearings as a teenager in the summer of 1973," Joe Lockhart writes for @CNNOpinion - CNN
  • Ramos took charge and won the league cup (only trophy in 19 years under ENIC) but the next summer Levy sold star player Berbatov at the last minute of deadline day and left Ramos with Frasier Campbell on loan as a replacement. Another manager doomed! - Spursgotlevyd
  • That summer, Trump shocked Americans across the political spectrum by insulting the family of U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq in 2004 while attempting to save other soldiers. Trump mocked his parents. - Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈



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