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  • Scientists in Sweden have created a liquid that can absorb solar energy and store it as a thermal fuel for as long as 18 years. The fluid works like a rechargeable battery, but instead of electricity, sunlight goes in and heat comes out when it's needed. - CNN
  • Suddenly the sunlight, bright and warm. @RollingStone has a first look at @ReeveCarney and @EvaNoblezada in the music video for "All I've Ever Known." - Hadestown
  • Liquid sunlight creates heat on demand - CNN Video - BALABHADRA PRASAD
  • From Discover on Google - Sheikh Alberto Irani
  • How a town that doesn't get sunlight for half the year used mirrors to solve its problem - alex garcia
  • “But what is really needed now is the patient, quiet and diligent work of a united front of business, government and regulators working together to quantify and tackle the greatest economic challenge of our era” @Jess_Irvine - Emma Herd
  • Zero Mass Water aims to turn sunlight and air into drinking water | Sky News Australia - Robert Bartrop
  • Scientists convert plastics into useful chemicals using sunlight - Spencer Meeks
  • Sunlight Shines on Mars Moon in Detailed New Photos from Orbiter - SPACE.com
  • Out in the Martian orbit - Bob Vardeman
  • Mn oxidation does not require free oxygen - just microbes and some sunlight. Big implications for the pre-GOE oxygen debate... - Rosalie Tostevin
  • New research shows that Mount Everest "experiences some of the most intense sunlight on the planet ... impacting glaciers in ways scientists do not fully understand" “there could be thousands of sq. km experiencing melt that we didn’t know about” - David Windt
  • For $2,500, poor islanders can make one-half gallon of water per day. Such a deal. What will climate scammers think of next? - Steve Milloy
  • Leeds driver who caused death of doctor 'dazzled' by bright sunlight on road: - YorkshireEveningPost
  • East Londonderry: DUP's Gregory Campbell 'basking in the sunlight' #ge19 - Belfast Telegraph
  • "Ways and Means Committee announces rival surprise medical billing fix" The debate is still not focused on a proper solution. Transparency and direct sunlight to reveal price tags make surprise medical bills go away. - Dutch Rojas
  • People who take NSAIDs and aspirin lack sunlight. Sunlight provides 42% red light all day no matter how cloudy it is or where you are on the planet. The red light in the sun heals cells because of evolutionary design. - Jack Kruse
  • There's some sunlight beyond the climate doom, and it's coming from business, Jess Irvine writes. - Ben Cubby
  • Bill Gates is backing a technology that uses sunlight to generate temperatures of 1,000℉. Heliogen said on Tuesday that its facility created temperatures high enough to power industrial processes like cement manufacturing a major CO2 emitting process. - SAGE Connects


The light of the sun, the swiftness of the wind, the purity of water, and the richness of the earth.

The light of the sun, the swiftness of the wind, the purity of water, and the richness of the earth. They all help in the growth of lush Indian cotton. And only the best of it is c...