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  • [email protected] have a fifth U.K. No. 1 album to their name & @tonesandimusic remains atop the singles chart - billboard
  • Dr. Woo became famous for inking stars inside Sunset Boulevard's iconic tattoo shop Shamrock and, for the past two-plus-years, he's been operating from his own private space called Hideaway at Studio X. - Hollywood Reporter
  • It epitomized U.S. air power during the Cold War, was used extensively by the U.S. in Vietnam and was still in active service decades later. But now, the iconic F-4 Phantom II fighter-bomber is flying into the sunset. - Stars and Stripes
  • No panhandling after sunset No repeated requests for money No asking for money within 10 metres of bus stops, banks, liquor stores or daycare centres My story on Maple Ridge likely approving a new bylaw tonight. - Justin McElroy
  • Today’s #sunrise has been brought to you by the color red. Red has the longest wavelength of any visible light, hence the red colors at sunrise/sunset, while the other colors are blocked by the atmosphere. - Charles Gerhardt
  • Denver Weather: Turning Windy With Quick Shot For Rain, Snow By Sunset - CBSDenver
  • HOME-SF project moves ahead. Thank you to all who worked on the effort, including @SupervisorTang, KD, PI, SFPlanning Commisison, SFBOS & Mayor Breed! Bucking low-density rule, new Outer Sunset building will be 5 stories tall - AnMarie Rodgers
  • "Salma Hayek shares throwback video of herself dancing in bikini top from 2004 movie ‘After the Sunset’" - Drake The Type To
  • Charlotte McKinney in a Black Top Arrives at the Sunset Towers in Los Angeles 10/22/2019 - Celebrity News
  • Photographer captures sunset as fog rolls in and storm brews at sea - Bo Snerdley
  • Today's 4:30 Seattle sunset is brought to you by Congress. Proud sponsors of your mid-afternoon melatonin fix! - Jennifer Lauren
  • No better way to wrap up the week than enjoying this stunning sunset behind a windmill in Minnesota. Have a great weekend! - ABC News
  • Brave call in what's essentially a sunset industry. - Ed van der Walt
  • A day in the diner. November skies. Work crews in for breakfast, old men coming in at sunset to eat their dinner alone. The stories they tell - John Kass
  • Riding off into the sunset: two Tory Senators retire #cdnpoli - The Hill Times
  • If anyone is interested: - David McCune
  • [email protected] has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff following Cady's death. They will remain at half staff until sunset on the day of his memorial service, which has not been announced. #iacourts - Stephen Gruber-Miller
  • The “Daijosai” rite, centred on the goddess Amaterasu Omikami, began soon after sunset - The Express Tribune
  • and a fraudster too. - derek thrower


Mais umas fotinhas desse lindo final de tarde no marco zero em Areia Branca. Vale a pena conhecer a

Mais umas fotinhas desse lindo final de tarde no marco zero em Areia Branca. Vale a pena conhecer a cidade e projeto “Pôr-do-Sol” onde artistas locais cantam enquanto o Sol te...