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  • Chris Jericho had a backstage meeting to correct AEW tag team's mistakes - D'Angelo Sudduth
  • Amazon’s Premier League arrival comes with a hefty price tag for fans. By @barneyronay - Guardian sport
  • My tendency would be to shame tag pundits who dragged Pete. but I won't. I'm just going to tweet this. Plz RT this til it's viral. THNK U @CapehartJ - Gingers4Pete
  • Nirav Modi declared fugitive -2nd after Vijay Mallya - Difference between Nirav Modi and Manoj Gaur- NM cheated 1 bank 10k Cr, MG #cheatedhomebuyers 25,000 for 20k Cr in collusion with banks #savejpwishtown Now who owns banks - Govt or public ???? - Arvind Ahuja
  • Over 7,000 exit BTech in IIT in last 5 years, lose coveted tag - K Mohan
  • Teen who has to wear electronic tag after being caught with machete says it makes him feel depressed and 'like caged animal' - Daily Mail U.K.
  • Flying Cars Are Here: PAL-V In Production With A $599,000 Price Tag - David L. Reems
  • Hate preacher Anjem Choudary who ‘inspired’ London Bridge killer pictured on our streets - Pantalon
  • Serving Kolkata’s taste buds for decades, 14 iconic eateries set to get heritage tag | Kolkata News - Times of India - Pritid Nandy
  • Consultant says NC didn’t provide enough education funding. How big is the price tag? - Andrew G. Houlihan
  • I think they left off a few zeroes, although personally I’m in the “priceless” camp. - Marty Becker DVM
  • Jeff Bezos will now forever be known as 'the man who sold the world back to itself in cardboard boxes'. Thanks @barneyronay - Ben Whitelaw
  • This is brilliant from @barneyronay. - Bill McLoughlin
  • Today, the Leandro report confirmed what many parents and teachers have seen firsthand—our schools need more support. I will continue to study the report and work to make sure our schools get the support they need. #ncpol - Brandon Lofton
  • Jericho held a recent meeting in the #aew Locker room to address the tag team division and proclaimed the honeymoon period is over in #aew specifically called out the Lucha Bros - A-E-W (Dub)
  • 3 reasons why Becky Lynch fighting for Tag Team Titles is Bad For Business - D'Angelo Sudduth
  • Two parcels of land making up 25 hectares come with a price tag of $1 million. - Montreal Gazette
  • You can't put a price tag on the joy you'll get from these remodeling projects. - J.B. Kitchens Baths & Design
  • World’s largest IPO: Saudi Aramco shares surged on its market debut, giving it a market valuation of about $1.88 trillion, close to the $2 trillion price tag long coveted by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - Reuters


Sira Nails Christmas🎄🎁 Give away! Helllo 👋🏿Hello 👋🏿Hello👋🏿 everybody! This i

Sira Nails Christmas🎄🎁 Give away! Helllo 👋🏿Hello 👋🏿Hello👋🏿 everybody! This is the season of Love❤️ ,Joy🤗,and most of All Giving🙌🏽 Sira Nails ...


Words that make ANY man devoted to you? I'm going to reveal strange sequence of words called a

Words that make ANY man devoted to you? I'm going to reveal strange sequence of words called a "Devotion Sequence" that will make ANY MAN feel hungry desire for you that's BEYOND l...