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  • "It's understood that those still alive won't be able to last longer" - AJ's Rob McBride from quake-hit Tainan - Al Jazeera News
  • Made the rounds in #tainan recently to talk to #hk #immigrants there: In #taiwan, #hongkong immigrants despair over future back home - #reuters - Fabian Hamacher
  • Tainan - a Chinese city that celebrates its Japanese colonial past - SCMP News
  • There were many clues that the Wei-Guan Golden Dragon building in Tainan, Taiwan, was doomed - New York Times World
  • BBC News - Deadly earthquake topples buildings in Taiwan city of Tainan - 夢7訓
  • In Pictures: Supermodel Chiling Lin's outfits at Tainan wedding - The Straits Times
  • What do you give Lin Chi-ling for her wedding? Tainan authorities go for oil, salt, vinegar, tea - The Straits Times
  • #google boosts #taiwan #data center plans with $850m investment #gafa #tainan - Nikkei Asian Review
  • Perfect Weekend: Explore lesser-travelled Tainan, Taiwan's oldest city - Straits Times Life
  • Tainan leads push to boost English in #taiwan - The Straits Times
  • Taiwan hit by immense deluge, triggering major flooding. Tainan City is swamped by 840mm of rain in just 24 hours. - Al Jazeera Weather
  • #taiwan has been chosen by @guardian a must-visit destination of 2019! With "culture on a grand scale" tourists will love the white-sand beaches of #kenting, the wealth of ancient temples/fortresses in #tainan, and the #weiwuying in #kaohsiung - Cultural Taiwan UK
  • A new monument was unveiled in Seoul as part of South Korea's first "Memorial Day for Japanese Forces’ Comfort Women Victims" while a bronze statue symbolizing comfort women, the first of such memorial in Taiwan, was unveiled in Tainan. - The Asian Feminist
  • Google is planning on building a floating 10MW solar farm above fishing ponds in Tainan City, Taiwan. You can read more about it here: - CanSIA
  • Flooding in Gangshan. It's been torrential all morning here in Tainan too... - Mike Fagan
  • old school theater&hand-painted billboard. “Nearly every day for the last 48 years, the 66 yrs old artist shuffles onto the pavement across from the Chin Men Theater in Taiwan’s oldest city, Tainan, holding a small image and five buckets of paint.” - sweetsoton😷😷😷
  • Lin said it was Akira who suggested that they hold the wedding in Tainan. - Yahoo Singapore
  • Lin Chi-ling weds Akira in Tainan: Taiwanese authorities give couple oil, salt, vinegar, tea #linchiling #林志玲 #akira - hweepeng, tay


🇹🇼 1081214 台南 1️⃣好久沒看到的胖寶❤️ 2️⃣國外吃不到的🌭️ 3️

🇹🇼 1081214 台南 1️⃣好久沒看到的胖寶❤️ 2️⃣國外吃不到的🌭️ 3️⃣烤蚵仔 4️⃣吃奶油蛤的胖寶 #tainan #❤️ #🐷寶...

• 冬天適合來點毛呢🥰 - ➿12月指定優惠款 $1199➿ ▫️款式皆可

• 冬天適合來點毛呢🥰 - ➿12月指定優惠款 $1199➿ ▫️款式皆可換色、可換霧面、不含卸甲 ▪️包含基礎護理、凝膠強健增...

▪️大東夜市-賤人雞蛋糕▪️ 造型雞蛋糕越來越多樣化 很有創意的文字造

▪️大東夜市-賤人雞蛋糕▪️ 造型雞蛋糕越來越多樣化 很有創意的文字造型雞蛋糕 有四種字樣可選擇~ 可依照自己的心情來選擇字樣 ...

24天 台南開始了一連串聖誕跨年活動 美術館、奇美聖誕樹盛開 林百貨的摩

24天 台南開始了一連串聖誕跨年活動 美術館、奇美聖誕樹盛開 林百貨的摩登大遊行 藍晒圖的台南設計週 這些我都錯過了 但在這24天裡 ...

[Day 1] 12.12.19 Taiwan is such a beautiful place. I can't help but admire the attitude and flow of

[Day 1] 12.12.19 Taiwan is such a beautiful place. I can't help but admire the attitude and flow of the city. The way that the people casually weave through the busy traffic of pe...

. 奶茶焦糖系,正到不行! 哈哈請忽略那指客斷掉的指甲吧🤣 不過完全不

. 奶茶焦糖系,正到不行! 哈哈請忽略那指客斷掉的指甲吧🤣 不過完全不減氣場啊! ——————————— 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ⚠...

手作咾咕石燈籠🏮 最後一張蛇紋造型是小泰手作V1,V2國粹小籠包進行中🤜

手作咾咕石燈籠🏮 最後一張蛇紋造型是小泰手作V1,V2國粹小籠包進行中🤜🏻 順帶一提:雖然咾咕石是信義街的代表物,濃濃台南味。...