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  • Taiwan born actor Godfrey Gao dies after collapsing on set - BBC News (World)
  • China accuses Taiwan ruling party using 'absurd' spying claims to win votes - Reuters
  • Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee says China’s boycott of Taiwan’s Golden Horse film awards demonstrates how politics can harm the arts. - The Associated Press
  • Taiwan asks banks to ensure enough dollars in case of election nerves - Reuters
  • Taiwan ruling party says China 'enemy of democracy' after meddling allegations - Reuters
  • Panasonic to sell its chipmaking business to Taiwan's Nuvoton Tech: Nikkei - Reuters
  • A self-proclaimed Chinese spy has made explosive claims that Beijing used an alleged “front” company in Hong Kong to infiltrate universities, interfere in elections in Taiwan and buy political influence in Australia - The Times
  • Taiwan to buy more from U.S. as seeks to head off currency manipulator label: sources - Reuters
  • Taiwan has detained 2 executives of a Hong Kong-based company accused of acting as a front for Chinese intelligence agencies trying to undercut democracy in Hong Kong and Taiwan - New York Times World
  • Godfrey Gao grew up in North Vancouver and starred in TV shows in Taiwan and China - HuffPost Canada
  • For the first time, China banned its movies from Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards, considered the most prestigious awards for Chinese-language movies. Instead, Chinese authorities held their own movie awards, the Golden Rooster, on the same day. - Los Angeles Times
  • Taiwan’s Appier raises $80M for AI-based marketing technology - TechCrunch
  • My latest, on a subject that's long fascinated me: the arrival of a few dozen HK protestors in Taiwan has revived a fierce debate over whether the island can — or should — accept citizens from greater China seeking safety. - Emily Feng 冯哲芸
  • Taiwan presidential challenger's wife skips Singapore after being told no campaigning - Reuters
  • How horribly sad. He was a really sweet sincere guy. My thoughts are with his family. (Taiwan born actor Godfrey Gao dies at 35 after collapsing on set - Sarah Rees Brennan
  • Taiwan detains executives over China spying claims - Financial Times
  • Amid anti-government protests in Hong Kong, Taiwan is again becoming a destination for political refugees from across greater China. But Taiwan is treading carefully. - NPR
  • New from me: minutes of a secretive government taskforce deciding refugee transfers show the government repeatedly encourages patients to fly to Taiwan for treatment, even after they've refused to go – to avoid bringing them to Australia. - Hannah Ryan
  • My piece on why China won’t change its actions after 1) leaked Uighur docs 2) Congress’ bills to protect HK, and 3) Vanuatu’s loyalty to Taiwan published this morning, and doesn’t incl this latest leak. But the thesis still stands. - Alexandra Ma


Dry goods shopping time...A Chinatown within the R.O.C where the very best of Taiwanese dried goods

Dry goods shopping time...A Chinatown within the R.O.C where the very best of Taiwanese dried goods are sold.Thank goodness I have my walking mandarin google translator with me!! #...

聖誕節快到囉 打扮美美的跑趴是必須的💕 約起來嘍 聖誕造型設計款1199$🎄

聖誕節快到囉 打扮美美的跑趴是必須的💕 約起來嘍 聖誕造型設計款1199$🎄 有喜歡的款式也歡迎詢問 _ 💅🏻足部不加價 💅🏻加厚建...

ROTOR ALDHU + Power2Max NGeco 大盤式功率計已經發展的相當成熟,品牌也相當的多

ROTOR ALDHU + Power2Max NGeco 大盤式功率計已經發展的相當成熟,品牌也相當的多 挑選功率計,我們應該是把穩定度和妥善率擺在第一 而 POW...

THERAGUN - G3PRO 按摩槍已經不是單一在運動後使用 整天的工作,或是在外產生

THERAGUN - G3PRO 按摩槍已經不是單一在運動後使用 整天的工作,或是在外產生的疲勞都是可以使用的 THERAGUN 有兩段的頻率,一樣都是16mm ...


現在每個人的必備技能就是強顏歡笑 我想我已經夠了—  從10月多接

現在每個人的必備技能就是強顏歡笑 我想我已經夠了—  從10月多接了很多不管是拍照還是各種主持/sg案子 老實說,我做活動做...