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  • There are 78 bowl game slots. There are 79 bowl-eligible teams. Which team would you leave home? by @noahtrister - AP Top 25
  • An insightful and timely article. Shaming smokers was never right and often targets people who are marginalized and hurting. It is also why access to safer vaping products is critical. We increasingly empathize with addicts. But we still tar smokers - Dr Mark Tyndall
  • 7 Die in San Diego After Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria Linked to Black Tar Heroin - People
  • General election 2019: Ads are 'indecent, dishonest and untruthful' Get this: the BBC find that 88% of Tory online ads are deceitful, and NONE of Labour's are, so they... tar everyone with the same brush?! Headline *should* be about the Tories! - Edwin Hayward ('Slaying Brexit Unicorns' author)
  • Cigarette butts are the single greatest source of Ocean contamination. the Biggest Man-Made Ocean Contaminant — What is really a disaster is that once in the water, each butts will slowly dissolve and release the pollutants they absorbed from tar. - Eliana Golberstein Rubashkyn💛💜
  • An interesting thought .... Social pressure, via ostracism and shunning, helped reduce smoking rates in the past. But when does enmity go too far? - Gizelle Baker
  • Community fight continues against bid to tar road to Plomer | NITV - 💧John Holmes
  • Thanks to Mack Brown, Sam Howell and UNC’s resurgence, the Tar Heels are an attractive postseason team. The Pinstripe Bowl makes the most sense as the landing spot: - SI Heels Maven
  • Investigators are trying to determine the source of black tar heroin linked to a flesh-eating bacteria that has killed seven people in San Diego County. - AP West Region
  • USTR pro­posed tar­iffs of up to 100% against $2.4 bil­lion of French im­ports, as a response to a France’s new digi­tal-ser­vices tax. Similar tariffs could be enacted against Austria, Italy and Turkey, all of which also have digital-services taxes. - Tatiana Palermo
  • Shell faces shareholder revolt over Canadian tar sands project - Luciano
  • The point at which the non-political appointed staff should heat up the tar and break out the feathers. - Uncle John’s Band
  • The Tar Sands Campaign with financial help from the US$870-million Rockefeller family philanthropic foundation. The goal of the campaign, as @CBCNews reported in January, is to sabotage all pipeline projects in #canada @jc__money #wexit @RockefellerFdn - wiredcanuck
  • We are living through an unprecedented climate breakdown, and we can't afford to expand Canada's dirty tar sands. There are no exceptions to this. And the choice is clear -- Justin Trudeau needs to #rejectteck and invest in #greennewdeal level action. - 350 Canada
  • The battle for No. 1 is heating up in college hoops, while the number of unbeaten teams is quickly shrinking. This week's Stock Report: - SI College Hoops
  • It's time to draw a line in the (tar) sands & say no to further fossil fuel developments. Canada likes to view itself as a forward-looking progressive country, so here's a test to see if that's true, or if big business still rules the political roost. - Alan Watson Featherstone
  • Chewed tar is an unexpectedly great source of ancient DNA. - Jennelle
  • Most drug policy experts can’t even publish an op-ed in the @globeandmail but this random person with absolutely no expertise on addiction or stigma got to publish this Why not feature a piece that is truly informative? #factsmatter #expertisematters - Marilou Gagnon RNPhD


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