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  • I wrote a letter resigning my Tatts Club membership in 1994 over its refusal to accept women as members. And now nearly 25 years later....The boyos at Tatts move slowly. And narrowly it seems with a 51-49% vote to change. But better late than never. KRudd - Kevin Rudd
  • Great hats Great tatts Great chats #loveisland - Love Island
  • please read about how tattoos turn faces into cross-platform commodities! and why youtubers with face tatts are more like tatvertisers in the dot com boom than they are rap stars. i'm very sad for people who were born this millennium! - Kaitlyn Tiffany
  • Macquarie and KKR offer $5.5 billion for Australian gaming giant Tatts - Bloomberg Australia
  • Dustin Martin has some mean ink, costing an estimated $15,000 but what but do all those tatts mean? - Cassie Zervos
  • Tribunal upsets Tatts timetable - Eli Greenblat
  • Tabcorp merger with Tatts sent back to Australian Competition Tribunal - The Australian
  • Comment: If there is a woman left listening to Lawrence "Moonman" Mooney's Sydney breakfast show after yesterday's effort, he should go out today and buy a Tatts ticket, such is his extraordinary luck - The Sydney Morning Herald
  • Tatts-Tabcorp tie-up under fire - Sarah-Jane Tasker
  • These couples’ matching tatts will make you cringe - The Sun
  • Retired NBA star Larry Bird wants a mural changed because it shows him with tatts. His attorney says Bird “doesn’t want to be seen as a tattooed guy.” - AP Sports
  • Terrible tatts will make you think twice about sitting in 'artists' chair - Caroline Williams
  • Japanese crime boss held in Thailand after 'yakuza' tatts go viral - The Express Tribune
  • There are tatts, then there are TATTS. Which NRL star spent 40 hours under the needle for this amazing ink? - The Daily Telegraph
  • Air NZ embraces staff tatts - The Australian
  • KKR-backed consortium makes $4.7 billion cash offer for Australia's Tatts - Reuters Business
  • Tattoos you can use: researchers have created biosensing, color-changing tatts that track glucose/sodium levels - Gregory Bufithis 🇬🇷 🌊
  • Ed 'Melted Crayon' Sheeran. He chats about his tatts - BBC Three
  • A creative mum surprises her one-year-old by transforming a Kmart cubby into a miniature tattoo shop complete with temporary tatts! - Daily Mail Australia