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  • I'm sure I'm not the only 'young' journalist that was inspired to try and get into the industry by watching Newsround. A sad day. - Sophie Morris
  • IMO, in these times, Newsround needs more prominence - not less. The ability to watch with parents / families is also important. Relying mainly on a child’s ability and interest to seek it out online is short sighted and sad. #formereditor #newsround - Sinead Rocks
  • Viewing habits are especially changing for younger viewers, but cutting Newsround feels very shortsighted - Scott Bryan
  • Some news about #newsround - Ricky Boleto
  • This is so sad. Without Newsround, I wouldn't remember the fall of the Berlin wall, the famine in Somalia and so much more. It gave me a sense of the world and the importance of news as a child. - Claire Cohen
  • TV gives Newsround a platform for children to be familiar with the brand & discover more online. This decision makes me fearful for a future of less great journalism explaining the world to children, in favour of more click bait. - James Mobbs
  • For what’s it’s worth, I’m now the parent of a 6-yr-old who asks to watch ‘children’s news on the TV’, not online. I believe Newsround should be on as many platforms as possible to give kids a choice and more importantly, a voice, that adults hear too... - Sonali Shah 📺📻
  • Very sad to hear and see this news about Newsround. When I was there the 655pm bulletin was dropped for the same reason. Kids are watching more online, but I still feel like it’s a sad development - Ayshah Tull
  • Today I introduced myself and my campaign on the BBC's Teatime Tour for Wakefield. Listen here: - Imran Ahmad Khan
  • Awful news about #newsround today. We all grew up with Newsround, putting it online will only make it harder for young people to pick out real news from fake news. This is a huge loss to CBBC. #savenewsround - Upload TV
  • Poor decision. Online streaming is taking over, but timing and scheduling of TV/Radio are the heartbeat of the home: they need to remain fixed. Children, more than anyone, need routine; it is comforting through its consistency. Let’s not feed the beast - Sion Junior School
  • Is nothing sacred?!! Newsround has kickstarted open discussion between many young people in this country and their parents, for that matter. This is genuinely a crying shame - Jermain Julien 🎥🖤🎬
  • Newsround is evolving, not being scrapped, or dying. Around 1m users visit the Newsround website every week. Around 500,000 kids watch the bulletin on our website in schools. The force is still strong with this one. - Stu Rowson
  • This is sad. Watching ⁦@lizo_mzimba⁩ on Newsround after school was my first experience of news. - Roisin Hastie
  • Lizo didn’t die for this - Mollie Goodfellow
  • Newsround inspired many young journalists. Hopefully one day it will return, bigger, better and stronger than ever #newsround #bbc - Amy Jade
  • This is a crying shame. At a time like this especially, young people need to be informed and inspired by journalism. Newsround does that. - Joshua
  • I think this is a shame. Newsround is excellent at getting youngsters involved and interested in the world around them. My wife’s school uses the morning bulletin (which remains). - Andy Comfort
  • Big programme tomorrow evening for @BBCfileon4 - and repeated next Sunday teatime - the true extent of Britain's drug shortages. Looking at the scale of the problem, the causes, and the deadly consequences #health #nhs - Adrian Goldberg


Couch Tablett gebaut Für Tee, Buch und Fernbedienung gut geeignet. Gestern Zusammen geschraubt und

Couch Tablett gebaut Für Tee, Buch und Fernbedienung gut geeignet. Gestern Zusammen geschraubt und schon mal angepasst. Heute geflammt, geschnitten und geschliffen. Aus Resten etw...

Un cake marbré... « Quoi de plus banal » , me direz vous? Mais il a ce petit goût subtil qui f

Un cake marbré... « Quoi de plus banal » , me direz vous? Mais il a ce petit goût subtil qui fait toute la différence: j’ai remplacé une partie du beurre par de l’huile...


❤︎ 💗GABRIELLE CHANEL AFTERNOON TEA💗 at FOUR SEASONS🌿 . フォーシーズンズホテル丸の内東京で 11/15まで開催されていた CHANELのフレグランス...

* 今日の朝ごはん☕️ * ほうじ茶ベーグルとほうじ茶ラテ☺︎ * お外に出

* 今日の朝ごはん☕️ * ほうじ茶ベーグルとほうじ茶ラテ☺︎ * お外に出ると…鼻水(・_、・)ズル💦 * 今日も(*´艸`)ε3。゚ε3。寒い...


The relaxing scene depicted on Johnson Brothers'

The relaxing scene depicted on Johnson Brothers' "Friendly Village" sets a relaxed ambiance for afternoon tea. If you're still looking for some inspiration for your Thanksgiving ta...

Have a lovely day🌿 . 3種類のピンクのバラとシルバーっぽいリーフの組み合わ

Have a lovely day🌿 . 3種類のピンクのバラとシルバーっぽいリーフの組み合わせ🌿 ミルクティーの色と合わせると優しい雰囲気でいいな...