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  • Seaman Mohammed Haitham told his family how much he was looking forward to graduating from flight school. “He said he was going to get his flight jacket for Christmas,” said his mother. “Now that’s not going to happen.” - Stars and Stripes
  • When Atsushi Momose, 71, was a boy, a popular teenage movie star visited Japan’s Lake Suwa wearing a figure skater’s costume and expensive leather skates. Now the ice barely freeze - Reuters
  • Doctors condemn CBP over "extreme medical neglect" after video shows sick teenager was left lying on floor for hours before being found dead #closethecamps - Doctors for Camp Closure
  • This teenage cyborg is one of a small crew of “transhumanists” who want to escape the burden of being what we call human. - WIRED
  • “I assumed it was like some sad teenager going through a breakup, listening to bad music,” said Charlene Coughlin of her Spotify hacker. - The New York Times
  • “This generation of kids will be different from other developed countries... that could be alarming.” Psychologists fear these months of violent protest in #hongkong will cause long-term damage. Our video: ⁦@joecsphua⁩ & ⁦⁦⁦@JoyceLiu66⁩ - Nick Beake
  • REMINDER: In September, Trump mocked 16 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg. Today Professor Karlan invoked-not mocked-Barron to make a valid point. (If she had mocked Barron like Trump mocked Greta that would've been wrong) #impeachinghearings - (((DeanObeidallah)))
  • Jonty Bravery, 18, admits attempted murder after throwing boy from tenth floor of Tate Modern in London - BBC Breaking News
  • When this writer's mom asked her and her four siblings if they wanted to move into an RV and travel, she never expected it to last nearly five years (and counting). Here's her story. - HuffPost
  • Less than two years after the Parkland school shooting, children with access to guns routinely threaten the lives of teachers and classmates, and schools can do little to restrain them. We’re dropping an 8-month investigation Tuesday. Here’s a preview: - Aric Chokey
  • A teenager on Rikers Island hanged himself in a holding cell in full view of guards, who ignored him for 7 minutes. One officer walked into the cell, saw him hanging, closed the door & walked away. The teenager is now on a respirator with no brain activity. - Rebecca Kavanagh
  • Opinion: How to tell if your teenager is unhappy – and what you can do to help - YoungMinds
  • I think my teenage daughter is vulnerable regarding dating. How do I find out about the new boyfriend if she keeps manoeuvring to be alone with him? #askellie - The Star Vancouver
  • Teenage boy catches more than 100 fish by hand to save them from drought Bless. He’s doing more for the environment than the LNP ever has. - Kathryn Breen Barton
  • Senior London rabbi brutally attacked by antisemitic teenagers shouting “kill the Jews” and “fu** the Jews” - Hen Mazzig
  • Teenage hockey player says opposing team, spectators hurled slurs at him - CBC Nova Scotia
  • N.B. Why I take anti-Semitism personally and why more people should care a lot more about it #ge19 - Camilla Tominey
  • A Sheffield teenage girl who thought she was going to die when she was strangled with her hijab is furious her vile attacker has been let out with a caution #brexitbritain #gtto - Marmite Marmz
  • At 70, Corbyn is basically the world’s oldest teenage commie, right down to his fondness for whatever terrorist cause is fashionable at any given moment, writes Tim Blair. - Rita Panahi



🎄CHRISTMAS TREE 🎄 2nd December Ruby loved helping me decorate the tree, still a few things to

🎄CHRISTMAS TREE 🎄 2nd December Ruby loved helping me decorate the tree, still a few things to go on like the ribbon but then it's done😁 My child obviously has an attitu...

Když požádate syna o společnou vánoční fotku se svou ségrou 🤣 . U nás nosí dárky Jež

Když požádate syna o společnou vánoční fotku se svou ségrou 🤣 . U nás nosí dárky Ježíšek, ale pravdou je, že jsem nikdy nevěřila, že to malé miminko by mi nos...