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  • A Philadelphia father - a felon who is paralyzed from the waist down due to gun violence - was teaching his twin sons how to load and aim a firearm when one of the teens unintentionally fatally shot his brother in the chest. - Shannon Watts
  • Q. How have you changed compared to your teens and twenties? Michishige: I was cute in my teens. I was super cute in my 20s. I’m super-duper cute in my 30s. The term ‘degrading’ doesn’t apply to me. I’m always at my peak. So, I’m at my cutest right now. - Ice Cream & My Jiggly
  • The high rate of teen e-cig use continues to grow & the increasing range of tobacco products used by kids is alarming. Trump has done nothing to protect kids. Without national leadership, the numbers will keep going up. I won’t let that happen on my watch. - Mike Bloomberg
  • "I believe the world is driven by unresolved grief." Mary Robinson's father died when she was a teen. Now her nonprofit helps children process their grief with other children and teens who have lost a family member. #cnnheroes - CNN Heroes
  • It is remarkable that Argentina, while a consistent disappointment economically, is a true example of cultural progressivism in Latin America. A true pride: - Javier Burdman
  • Dutch police arrested a 35-year-old homeless man Saturday on suspicion of stabbing three teens on a street in The Hague that was crowded with Black Friday shoppers. - Stars and Stripes
  • Classic study of the natural history of smoking cessation: "suggests that the average 40-year-old smoker who started in their teens will have made over 20 failed quit attempts. This speaks clearly to the difficulty of successfully quitting" - Jonathan Foulds PhD
  • Teens hurl rocks at school bus transporting Jewish kids - Ukrainian Meddler Poso🇺🇦
  • Americans have struggled to adjust to the nonbinary pronouns “they/them.” So how could it be possible to acknowledge these identities in Spanish, a language in which every noun is gendered? These teens in Argentina are doing just that. - Samantha Schmidt
  • London bridge attacker and terror convict, Usman Khan, spent late teens in Pakistan - Arif shaikh
  • 'Secret & unaccountable’ only means possibility of torture & under a POTUS that says kkk-nazis are good ppl it’s likely happening. This is indefensible. Trump’s whine for transparency is only so he can know everything while he doesn’t answer for his deeds - Mel Lin
  • Fight against flavored e-cigarettes goes local - Carrie *NOT a BOT * Heffner
  • “Our kids are not alright.” [email protected] Our kids are committing suicide at the highest rate on record. We need to fix this. #teachersforyang - Leticia Moran 🧢☂️
  • Teens plead guilty to harassing lesbian couple in London bus attack - New York Post
  • Navy IDs 3 victims of NAS Pensacola shooting; military calls for increased security checks - Suzan C Wilson
  • Senator John Cornyn Pushes For Action On 'Epidemic' Tied To Online E-Cig Sales To Teens - Senator John Cornyn
  • Remember when right wing twitter spent multiple days celebrating that hack piece a few weeks ago about how gender neutral Spanish was an imposition by pseudo-woke Anglo Leftists? - Andrés Pertierra
  • A recent study in B.C., found that many teens responded more positively to harm reduction approaches to drug use than a blanket don't-do-drugs edict. - CBC Radio
  • This is my favourite thing ever: the "daytimers." The '80s afternoon club scene pioneered by British South Asian teens who were expected to be home by nightfall. - Mahnoor Yawar



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