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  • Bro no way? She passed on the overnight date? Damm, she's a real one #temptationisland - Javen Butler
  • David back here saying he wants to get back together with Kate and how they can improve their relationship While telling Toe nails they are bf and gf. #temptationisland - Sammy
  • Explain to me how episode one I said there’s no way Ashley and Rick make it off the island together... and now they probably have the best shot It’s Shari and Javen all over again #temptationisland - Ashleigh Rioux
  • ben going first to make sure the slope was safe #temptationisland - ൠ
  • Yasss Mia! Seeing those red flags from Gavin and choosing herself yass ma'am #temptationisland - Mercy Williams
  • So now David has two girlfilriends? #temptationisland - Jess
  • Whoever edited that Ashley and Ben scene.... #temptationisland - Make Me Up Summer
  • David talkin about being honest when he hasnt been honest for a second the entire season #temptationisland - Sierra and Adia
  • There’s no way Mia has been here this whole season #temptationisland - onmyphoneduh
  • Esonica about do this to Gavin!!! #temptationisland - Marvin P🤴🏾🇭🇹
  • I love the way Ben looks at Ashley #temptationisland - Nadia Johnson
  • Casey walking to the bonfire like #temptationisland - Ashley Flores
  • 2 part season finale? Whose idea was this? A 3 hour episode tonight would have been perfectly fine #temptationisland - Tjb
  • Kareem won! Complimenting her natural beauty. Hands down, he WON! Just beautiful. Looks like heartfelt Zales, Kay Jewelers, etc commercial #temptationisland - Epi dats it! 🇭🇹
  • United at last: Evanescence and Within Temptation - Evanescence Crew
  • me when Casey showed us the ring he plans on proposing to Ashley with #temptationisland - b
  • Lol the executive producers son just won’t stop #temptationisland #harassment - Casey Starchak
  • Good vibes and all, looks like Mia had to draw the line somewhere. #temptationisland - Temptation Island USA
  • We all know Mia was inserted on the island mid season,the producers aint slick #temptationisland - Zondani⚡✨🛡️✈️




Andrea e Jessica rivelano come sono ritornati insieme s cos’ha fatto lei per riconquistarlo Andrea

Andrea e Jessica rivelano come sono ritornati insieme s cos’ha fatto lei per riconquistarlo Andrea rivela:Da parte mia c’era c’era tanta rabbia. Il mio essere altalenante der...