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  • Uber launches appeal after TfL stripped its London licence - Zulfiqar Khan
  • £40m overpaid with TfL’s peak paper Travelcards - Rosie Greene
  • Woah, this is new: - Roasted Ether
  • Let’s hope @BTPLondon and @TfL take racial abuse against staff seriously - Simon
  • Just ban or shut them down if they don't want to be lawful - scoobydoo22b
  • Citymapper to undercut TfL with London travel card - sake
  • (2019/12/02) Apple Express Transit has arrived in London to speed up your TfL commute | London Evening Standard - matiere*
  • “I just spend a lot of time looking at maps and it’s waiting for things to jump out at you ... ‘That looks a bit like a nose’ – so I think ‘Where can I find eyes near that?’ - Transport for London
  • Uber launches appeal against TfL's decision to strip its London licence - Evening Standard - tweetonlondon
  • Morden, London : Do any of you recognise this man, who is wanted after subjecting TFL worker to Islamophobic abuse, after he was stopped from urinating on the platform. A classy fellow, clearly - Glyn ap Myfyr
  • This is England . This pathetic toe rag thinks it's ok to p*ss on the tube platform & then, when ushered out scream racist abuse at the TFL staff! Yob screams "f***ing dirty Muslim c**t" at London Tube worker in racist rant - mike roberts-millar
  • Uber launches appeal to regain London taxi license after TFL suspension - DEAN
  • Uber launches appeal to regain London taxi license after TFL suspension - Angela Jones
  • #crossrail delays will cost #tfl up to £1.35bn in lost revenue - London Traffic Watch
  • Taxi app @Uber has appealed against Transport for London's (TfL) decision to strip its operating license to work in the UK's capital - Sky News
  • "We are committed to Londoners and are working closely with TfL to address their concerns and requests" - Evening Standard
  • Transport for London adds new Santander bikes over Christmas Transport for London (TfL) are offering everyone free travel on Santander rental bikes over the Christmas period. Read more at: - Rolfe East
  • Time to rethink how you pay for public transport? - Evening Standard
  • Tfl Tube delays: Commuters face travel chaos on election day as disruption hits three London Underground lines - tweetonlondon


💌 . . . バイト先の先輩と焼肉🍖 沢山話聞いてもらっちゃってありがとう

💌 . . . バイト先の先輩と焼肉🍖 沢山話聞いてもらっちゃってありがとうございました〜! 千葉行っても会いましょー❤️ . . . #f4f #...