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  • This is @faizashaheen. She has 9 days to oust Iain Duncan Smith, the architect of Universal Credit. His majority collapsed from 8,400 to 2,300 in 2017. She can win. Share this. Amplify her. - Hasan Patel 🌹
  • I am the architect of my life not for anyone else - David
  • PHR could have a new look in the next few years! Take a look at one of the design visions from the architect that was interviewed for the project. - Town of Billerica
  • The photovoltaic roof at the Kudadoo Maldives Private Island gernerates enough solar energy to power the entire resort, and will pay for itself in just 5 years. the architect purposely incorporated the solar panels into the building's design to showcase sustainable tourism. - Danger_565..🐜🍀🦅
  • The architect of 2018 elections of Pakistan wanted to suicide due to game played by PTI government in SCP in COAS extension case. It seems that master mind of this drama was IK and his b.... Murad Saeed. - Tanver Javaid
  • Oscar Niemeyer's Museu Nacional de Brasília. This landmark white dome was opened to the public on the 100th birthday of the architect. Photograph by Paul Clemence. #oscarniemeyer #paulclemence - Rizik's Boutique
  • Completed in 2016 in Cincinnati, United States. Images by Answers in Genesis . From the architect. The one-of-a-kind Ark Encounter project, said to be the largest timber-framed structure in the world. - John David Reece
  • ‘By sharing the authorship of their architecture with the local people with whom they work in rural Mexico, Comunal are challenging the authority of the architect’. Comunal Taller de Arquitectura are this year's winners of the AR Award for Emerging Architecture. - Catherine Slessor
  • This is why Canberra needs an Apartment Design Guide. The living room isn't large enough for furniture and is smaller than the hallway, no dining area, & the bedroom window is in a communal hallway. How did the architect think this was an acceptable place to live? @EnvironPlan - Drew Jamieson
  • On the day when the FAI are set to release their accounts which will show losses in the 10s of millions. Let's not forget that @MHealyRae went out of his way to brown nose the architect of this disaster. - SantryHoop
  • Seth went on to WWE after that, remaking himself into the Architect of the Shield. Kevin... didn't, for a while. On his 2017 DVD, Kevin mentions that Seth insisted he'd never make it there if he didn't get in better shape. - Mith Gifs Wrestling
  • This is close but how an earth is the architect of Universal Credit Ian Duncan Smith even in the race? @LibDems voters YOU must join forces & vote @faizashaheen to kick this nasty piece of work OUT. RT & vote @faizashaheen Chingford! #tacticalvote - Bevan Boy🌹
  • The architect making playgrounds reflect how children actually play - Realtor_Steve
  • @MzTulip6288 tell em about - The Neal Rigga
  • So here's something I missed when I saw the #ghostbustersafterlife trailer yesterday: the mine that we see in the trailer is SHANDOR mines. As in Ivo Shandor, the Architect from the first movie and video game. Can I get a HELL YES to that continuity?! :D - Jedi Lukee
  • The Architect of pain #raw - WolFD🏴‍☠️
  • The beautiful #lisbon Metro station of #olaias designed by the architect #tomástaveira was inaugurated in 1998. - My Beautiful Country 🎄


SONUNDA! Seth Rollins, dün gece Raw şovunda resmi olarak ''heel turn'' yaptı ve AOP ile güçleri

SONUNDA! Seth Rollins, dün gece Raw şovunda resmi olarak ''heel turn'' yaptı ve AOP ile güçlerini birleştirdi! Seth Rollins'in seyirciye söylediklerine sonuna kadar hak ve...



~17K~ Thank you so much for 17k followers this is totally insane and unreal to me! I can't believe w

~17K~ Thank you so much for 17k followers this is totally insane and unreal to me! I can't believe we did it! 17.000 people clicked the follow button to follow this account! Thank ...