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  • MLB new uniform tracker: A look at all of the threads set to hit the diamond in 2020 - Kyle McHugh
  • Bad day for the Resistance; they will now have to spend an excruciatingly painful amount of time writing long threads to convince Bahrain why they have chosen the wrong man. - Baji Please
  • As I’ve been researching dominion theology, I’ve been struck over & over at so many of their leaders’ rabid support of Trump. The film “The Trump Prophecy” brings those threads together. - 🎃 MindShiftPodcast 🎃
  • The threads tying anti-Semitic violence to white nationalist ideology are impossible to ignore. - Mara Gay
  • she is one of the threads in the close-knit Ukrainian lobby that has operated so successfully in DC for years. - ooobie
  • The matter in our universe forms filaments and threads like a grand cosmic web, tugging galaxies and clusters into place along the way. - Astronomy Magazine
  • ... thre are whole threads on here devoted to android slander because of the text bubble color. Apple Issues New Warning For Millions Of iPhone Users via @forbes - The boy ain't right... but he ain't wrong.
  • [email protected] threads the needle for the first down. #larams : #seavslar on NBC : NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile: - NFL
  • Speaking truth to power is a Sisyphean struggle. This piece gives an overview of the problem. Also depends what, exactly, the physician is doing during the hours. Lots of defensive apples-to-oranges statements in these threads + confirmation bias. - Julie Cantor
  • Casual reminder to peruse /r/p*i*r*a*c*y for goodies. They genuinely have guides for everything. If anything's deleted, follow this and resurrect it - - ˗ˏˋ FAT ☭ REBEL ˎˊ˗
  • Must be why Rinnas bots with six followers are back again and spreading hate all over threads related to rhobh - kitcardy
  • Research paper on thermoelectric fibre: 3D printed and compressed, to allow for a more industrializable way of producing wearable fabric for #energyharvesting. - ablexomat
  • For more than a century, readers have loved “The Dead” for its mingled threads of festivity and mourning - The Economist
  • Poshmark’s CEO talks about having Serena Williams on his board and why it’s now acceptable to gift second-hand items for the holidays - Tim Cohn
  • These are the two main threads I'm following related to Friday's shooting at the Pensacola naval base. - Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
  • Have just been blocked by @CareGalway for posting the following factual newspaper article in one of their propaganda threads - PaulieMac
  • Trump is his own case, and Johnson and Brexit are another, but common threads are nationalism and disaffection of non-urban voters, as Dan Balz describes them, using a broader term than “rural” — which in both nations has a reach larger than its geography. - Al Cross
  • Poshmark’s CEO Wants You to ‘Like’ Your Secondhand Threads - TheQuestOrganization
  • Completely ignores the threads tearing at #cpc from the inside out: Who should be the next Conservative leader? First, consider their values, then choose #cdnpoli - Caroline


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