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  • Brenda didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose her - Metro
  • Boris Johnson conspired to have a journalist beaten up. But he got away with it - by making some cups of tea #boris #thuglife #ge2019 - El Christo
  • British consulate staff claims to have been abducted and tortured in China! #thuglife ——————————... - TradersApprentice
  • Oh wow. Thug life - Lady Sharona
  • Pelosi Argues Trump's Actions Uncovered In Impeachment Probe Amount To Bribery : NPR #thuglife - Sandy Roelle
  • Bruguglio? I thought for sure it was Provenzano!! That's chump life not thug life!! Provenzano lined it up, and then had Bruguglio do it for him? CHUMP!! - Patrick Rogan
  • #thuglife Massachusetts man arrested after son, 5, allegedly takes heroin to school and brags it makes him feel like Spider-Man - JT Badenov
  • Haha anjirrr Thug Life - Kevin Nitinegoro
  • HOLD MY COLT 45... MALT LIQUOR... As if the Garrett-Rudolph wasn't hot enough, Antonio Brown has jumped into the fray. #thuglife - JT Badenov
  • Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely for clubbing Mason Rudolph with helmet. #thuglife - JT Badenov
  • Ousted ambassador felt threat; Trump assails her anew.. @POTUS , Thug Life @taylormarsh @MrsRabbitResist - James Ala
  • #thuglife Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely, Maurkice Pouncey and Larry Ogunjobi also suspended - JT Badenov
  • Another of the 'Thug Life' Trumpers goes down. Roger Stone guilty on all counts in federal trial of lying to Congress, witness tampering - G Davis/gadlaw 🌊
  • No wonder Trump is rage tweeting! #trumpimpeachment #anotheronebitesthedust When will we expect POTUS to pardon him? #thuglife - Susan Y Smith
  • #thuglife - Linda Wasson
  • If this ain’t Thug Life, I don’t know what is - Johnathan Lee Iverson
  • Thug life... - twyla do
  • Thug life. - Ashley Smith
  • Society as created this thug life, lack of respect and a mentality of hand outs instead of hard grafting... - Petrie's Photography


Sensitive little Lola is staying with us for the next month to work on her anxiety problems and basi

Sensitive little Lola is staying with us for the next month to work on her anxiety problems and basic manners. Here she’s still figuring out what it means to be in the crate. The...