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  • The developing world—like the rich world before it—overwhelmingly uses the internet to do “timepass” - The Economist
  • "For Indians, TikTok is a mix of “timepass” and creative outlet, but for more and more of them, it is also a career choice, a path to financial success" - Mayssa Ferah
  • Using smartphone for 'timepass' reduces sense of purpose in life - Times of India
  • REVIEW: Accused no. 1 is what Kollywood fans would call a ‘timepass entertainer’, writes @sri50. | Rating: *** - Firstpost
  • Don't waste time by forming timepass committees Anna @ysjagan Read CRDA guidelines/court laws It's impossible to shift capital from Amravati to somewhere else - Sri
  • In @TheEconomist, on a "Global Timepass Economy": “Movies, not grain prices, are bringing the poor world online” Yes! It’s so nice to see this frame gaining traction, and to see @cariboudigital among the references. (1/5) - Jonathan Donner
  • How the pursuit of leisure drives internet use - A global timepass economy - Hiten Shah
  • Indians consume nearly three times as much mobile phone #data as Americans and are set to become the world’s biggest data consumers. Much of this consumption is timepass as #internet has become the ‘leisure economy of the world’s poor’. #mobilephone - Soutik Biswas
  • @_okcredit makes businesses more productive & our growth story is the proof of the pudding. Solving for the use-cases of 'timepass' at scale is hitting its limits. Ref - - Gaurav Kunwar
  • ‘Timepass is the essence of Internet’. Thank God somebody finally said it aloud ! - Swanand Kelkar
  • 2do half of Internet by The Economist | A global timepass economy - Ariel Arrieta
  • Here comes the second half (of humanity)! Timepass (or time wasting and leisure) not weather or health lead the charge online with even more demand for video on smartphones. #futureoftech - matt turner
  • Britannia appoints Lowe Lintas as the creative agency for Timepass … - Brand Equity
  • "Timepass" is India's latest contribution to the Oxford English dictionary, right after chup, funda, natak, chamcha and mirch masala. - Dev Khare
  • “For Indians, TikTok is a mix of “timepass” and creative outlet..but also a career..This..is leading..Indians to go to extremes..Multiple people..have..killed themselves after being stopped..from making TikTok videos, or suffering abuse on the platform.” - Veena Dubal
  • Ya. Dawood Ibrahim is the best wrestler for friendly timepass! We don't wrestle with kids: Pawar on Fadnavis' barb about weak Opposition | via @IndiaTVNews - Guru Bhat 🇮🇳
  • Want A Copy Of The 'Zal' Comic? Grab Today's Sunday Mid-Day Newspaper And Head To The Timepass Section'. @sundaymidday Story by: @cyrusdaruwala - mid-day
  • Where I review #accusedno1: Ten minutes into the story, I was sure that we were headed for an endless, agonising experience and I was right. I can’t buy “this is a timepass popcorn-film, so-let’s-have-crass-stuff in the name of entertainment”. Sorry! - Subhakeerthana
  • I am grateful to this wonderful Economist piece for introducing me to the Indian-English word "timepass": an indispensable coinage for describing what people do when they fiddle with their phones. - Andrew Batson


Time is free. BUT IT'S PRICELESS You can't own it. BUT YOU CAN USE IT. You can't keep it BUT YOU CAN

Time is free. BUT IT'S PRICELESS You can't own it. BUT YOU CAN USE IT. You can't keep it BUT YOU CAN SPEND IT. Once you've lost it. YOU CANT GET IT BACK. Harvey Mackay . Just t...