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  • Teens are going viral with these theatrical history lessons on TikTok. These history educators are thrilled - TIME
  • New: Former TikTok employees told us the company's Beijing-based leadership often overrode their censorship concerns and restricted lots of social and political videos. "They want to be a global company ... but the decisions all come from China" - Drew Harwell
  • Meet secretive TikTok founder and billionaire Zhang Yiming, who made $12 billion in 2018 - Matt Navarra
  • Instagram is paying celebs to upload videos to IGTV, but only if they agree not to post about politics & social issues! Sorry, Zuckerberg—you can't attack TikTok for censoring political speech & then turn around & do this. - 💯Fergus Ryan
  • NEW: Former TikTok employees tell us they felt pressured to suppress politically/culturally sensitive videos to satisfy Chinese owners. TikTok says it moved content moderation leadership to US in Jan., but censorship fears linger. From @drewharwell + me: - Tony Romm
  • The rise of the seemingly innocuous app is forcing Americans to consider a world influenced by a Chinese-backed social media network. I took a close look at TikTok’s parent company Bytedance & its relationship with the Chinese gov’t. It’s complicated... - Li Yuan
  • The trouble with TikTok - Mark R. Levin
  • This "Phineas And Ferb" Theme Song Recreation Proves Why Teens On Tiktok Are The Future - Virtual Paparazzi
  • As TikTok faces US scrutiny, Chinese apps continue to make millions from American users - CNBC
  • I am of the opinion that education is good - Dave Jorgenson 🧈
  • #boycotttiktok What are they doing? Tik Tok is censoring certain topics that don't align with the Chinese Communist Party How? Their parent company is ByteDance a china pro-company - Silver
  • 21-yr-old Mumbai woman files complaint about cyber stalking on #tiktok - HTMumbai
  • China’s TikTok Blazes New Ground. That Could Doom It. - Ross Thurber
  • One more bit from me for our series on the NextGen: I looked at at how TikTok’s growth compares to other social media apps. TikTok took 3 yrs to pass 1bn monthly active users. No other app — including other Chinese behemoths — comes close to that surge - John Burn-Murdoch
  • [email protected]_bighit shatters another world record—this time, on #tiktok - Forbes Entertainment
  • 1. Social media is a corrupt and dangerous business model. TikTok is a great illustration, a global platform organized by Chinese Communist Party censors. The problem is the *business model.* - Matt Stoller
  • How to become TikTok famous - Financial Times
  • Behind the rise of TikTok stars Angel Mamii and John Dees, who met through the app 8 months ago and have rewritten the rulebook for viral fame - Business Insider
  • did not expect to make the @ReliableSources podcast this week *for my tiktok prowess* - Steven Rich