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  • “This industry was absolutely unreasonable, unfair and irrational.”—Bang Si-hyuk. If you’ve never read Bang PD’s commencement speech, please take the time to do so. You will understand the anger from their statement today. - bora
  • Jim Jordan, today: "This is a hoax because Ambassador Sondland--an unreliable witness--is Schiff's whole case!" Jim Jordan, just 10 weeks ago: "This is a hoax because Schiff won't let Ambassador Sondland--the one guy who can exonerate Trump--testify! - Thomas Schaller
  • How can you have a decent life today when you're barely getting by? This is what our workers ask themselves: 44% are in low-wage jobs averaging $18,000 a year. My bill makes $15 an hour the minimum wage, providing relief to 40 million struggling Americans. - Bernie Sanders
  • Fair play to @LeedsNews for breaking the story that is increasingly dominating today’s national political news agenda, three days before the election. - Jennifer Williams
  • Rep. Ted Lieu: "Let's just cut through all of the Republican arguments today and make things very simple. No one else in America could do what Donald Trump did and get away with it." - CBS News
  • Majority counsel Daniel Goldman: "Were it not for courageous public servants doing their duty and honoring their oath to this country and coming forward and testifying, the president's scheme might still be concealed today." - ABC News
  • **ALERT KENSINGTON!! ** The Lib Dems polled just 12% in 2017. They’ve collapsed in national polls after a false dawn. And today's poll shows they've collapsed in Kensington. Check your facts: #votelabour in Kensington #tacticalvote - Emma Dent Coad
  • today’s GOP: a cesspool of right-wing nationalist rhetoric, anti-Semitic tropes that find favor in certain circles (since America is a white, Christian nation in their eyes, Jews are “outsiders), as well as anti-immigrant screeds and conspiracy theories - Jennifer Rubin
  • Former Rep. Bill Cohen, one of the first Republicans to break from Nixon during Watergate: "The Republican Party today is not loyal to principles as such, but loyal to the person of Donald Trump. He is really a cult figure. Nixon was not a cult figure." - Alex Seitz-Wald
  • Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. He Had One Question. Was she the reason he was alive today? - Auschwitz Memorial
  • NEW: In a remarkable letter sent to the White House today, @KamalaHarris leads 27 senators in calling for the “immediate removal” of white nationalist Stephen Miller - Christopher Mathias
  • (Minions say: We're sad to confirm that René passed away today, Sunday, December 8) - Rene Auberjonois
  • 100 rounds. Using cars w/ people inside as shields. In rush hour. Now-dead hostage’s sister: “Today I lost my brother, because of the [expletive] negligence & stupidity of the police. Instead of negotiating w/ a hostage situation they just shot everyone.” - Scott Hechinger
  • John Lennon was killed 39 years ago today. Look back at his extraordinary final interview - Rolling Stone
  • Stacey Abrams and the Democratic Governors Association announced today a new effort focused on voting rights issues at state level - Sam Levine
  • TODAY IN HISTORY: On this day in 1941, Japan launched a surprise attack on the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The raid, which claimed 2,403 American lives, prompted the United States to declare war against Japan the next day. - ABC News
  • "Republicans haven’t simply ensured conservative dominance of one branch of government. They may have entrenched conservative governance for decades.” This is the most important piece you'll read today. - Ezra Klein
  • The Supreme Court of Canada has just ruled in a case involving financial liability for the cleanup at Grassy Narrows First Nation. The judges said two former owners of the Ontario site are indeed responsible to assume maintenance costs. Background: - CBC News Alerts
  • I chatted today with the pastor of a Claremont church which erected a nativity scene depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph as refugees separated in cages - James Queally




Next Time more Beyonceee 🤣🤣🤣 I think I never laughed so much during a lesson of mine!!!*for

Next Time more Beyonceee 🤣🤣🤣 I think I never laughed so much during a lesson of mine!!!*for the ones who missed it..u really missed something tonight*❤❤❤ Thank u guy...

Good morning Monday! Winter outside cold and rain time day! welcome December 2019! 16 day of Happy C

Good morning Monday! Winter outside cold and rain time day! welcome December 2019! 16 day of Happy Christmas soon! Family & Friends! Black Friday shop! 😗🙄😘🌤💦🌲🌿...