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  • SCOOP: Pence’s counsel tells Schiff late tonight it “serves no purpose” to declassify Jennifer Williams’ supplemental testimony to impeachment investigators, given that Judiciary is already moving forward with articles. Story: - Andrew Desiderio
  • Back in January, Kawhi Leonard was booed in San Antonio. Tonight, he was celebrated in Toronto. In between, he changed the NBA. - Tim Bontemps
  • Will the @Ravens extend their franchise-record winning streak? : #nyjvsbal -- TONIGHT (8pm ET) on @nflnetwork | @NFLonFOX | @PrimeVideo How to watch: - NFL
  • This will NOT be posted on any liberal, Never Trumper, or Democrat press site. They won’t want you or others to watch tonight. - Mark R. Levin
  • A geneticist at Harvard Medical School is working on a dating app that matches users based on their DNA. The goal: to eliminate all genetic diseases. @60Minutes reports, tonight - CBS News
  • Rep. Demings: "I come before you tonight as an African American female...I come before you tonight proclaiming that in spite of America's complicated history, my faith is in the Constitution and I say that today with perfect peace" - NBC News
  • TONIGHT at 9pm on @BBCTwo our family’s story will be heard. We’ve suffered for almost a decade. A death of a father, the imprisonment of a mother. Our fight to recognise abuse. A landmark film. A landmark case. #thecaseofsallychallen #coercivecontrol - David Challen
  • This programme had been cancelled by the BBC, but has been reinstated after a raft of complaints. It's on at 7.30pm tonight. BBC News - Universal credit claimants 'struggling to cope' - The Prole Star
  • Was reminded tonight that this week marks one year as “acting chief of staff” for Mulvaney - Annie Karni
  • Prosecutors said tonight that Lev Parnas didn‘t disclose a $1 million transfer from a Russian bank account weeks before his arrest in October. They have asked a judge to revoke his bail. W/⁦@rebeccadobrien⁩ - Rebecca Ballhaus
  • Victim of tonight's murder in Morningside Park was 18-year-old Tessa Majors, a freshman at Barnard college. What a goddamn tragedy - Brett Bachman
  • Please if you are a #rugby fan retweet this. The documentary following #doddieweir over the past two years is on at 7 tonight @BBCScotland #mnd find someone you love, sit with them, and watch until the end: - John Beattie
  • Tonight, I return to the role of Scrooge onstage in my one-man performance of A Christmas Carol. In January, I reunite in a very different time and place with Picard. I spoke to @Vulture about what these characters mean to me in the world we live in today. - Patrick Stewart
  • Tonight's the night! Who do you think will be named #cnnherooftheyear? Get to know their inspiring stories before they step into the spotlight. It begins at 8p ET. - CNN Heroes
  • Alan Dershowitz: Some Democrats channeling Soviet minister's 'Show me the man, I'll show you the crime' maxim. Don’t miss Levin tonight at 8 - Dan Bongino
  • Swedish author Christina Doctare, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988 as a member of the UN Peacekeeping Forces, said tonight during the protest in Stockholm she will return her prize as a statement against #nobelprize Commite awarding #handke. - Samir Beharić
  • 5 planets will be visible (at various times), tonight, along with the 12/12 12:12 Full "Cold Moon". Read this article for more info: - Ray Petelin
  • I'm doing a new series for Radio 4, The Spark, starting tonight at 8pm: longform one-on-one interviews about big ideas! First up: Emily Oster on data-driven parenting (aka yes, you can have a glass of wine occasionally when pregnant) - Helen Lewis
  • Tonight, Julián Castro defended his calls for Iowa not to caucus first directly to Iowans who argued why the current system should stay. Here's what happened: - Robin Opsahl


· 『綺麗だ』といった あなたに いつも 私の こころは 救われる · · 2019.12

· 『綺麗だ』といった あなたに いつも 私の こころは 救われる · · 2019.12.12 月齢 15.5 満月 · 本日は今年最後の満月((( *´꒳`* ))) ·...