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  • Tourist dares to float on sea of "harmless" nurse sharks off Maldives. - ABC News
  • Gripped by mass tourism and climate change, Venice has "lost its soul" - Bloomberg
  • Unexpected highlight of this look into Buttigieg's McKinsey days: " He also found time in the summer of 2008 to travel to Somaliland, the autonomous region in the Horn of Africa. He went as a tourist, but while there talked to local officials" - Tom Gara
  • How Venice "lost its soul" - Bloomberg
  • Sites that recall the days of Sino-Soviet hostility have become tourist attractions - The Economist
  • The family of a Caribbean resort employee is suing an American tourist accused of manslaughter in the worker's death - CNN
  • Pakistan is 2nd on the list of countries of top tourist destinations for 2020. Pakistan with improved security situation, upgraded infrastructure, breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural diversity is beckoning you. Come and discover this hidden gem! - Moin ul Haque
  • Atheek Ahmed, head constable at the Cubbon Park Police station, went the whole nine yards to reiterate the principle, ‘athithi devo bhava’ @IsraelinIndia @BlrCityPolice @CPBlr @DCPSEBCP @DCPWestBCP @kiranshaw @tinucherian - Bangalore Mirror
  • The water levels at Victoria Falls, one of the biggest tourist attractions to Zimbabwe and Zambia, have shrunk to a trickle and locals fear it could severely affect the tourism industry - Reuters
  • Flooding hits New Zealand tourist hubs of Wanaka and Queenstown - The Guardian
  • Visitors to HK dropped 43.7% in Oct yoy. Mainlanders account for 78% of arrivals HK is dead as a retail & tourist destination. Dead Even if rioting ends, mainlanders won't feel safe to visit for generation Too many apologists for bigoted violence - Shaun Rein, Founder of CMR
  • In early times, before Drogon the dragon of Game of Thrones swept across the waters of Þórufos, before Justin Bieber came from the West to stalk the trails of Fjaðrárgljúfur, and before the tourist hordes descended upon this land, there were the fish. - Kendra "Gloom is My Beat" Pierre-Louis
  • Planned as clusters of eateries run by licenced, medically-fit street vendors trained in #hygienic preparation of food, the hubs are being established as suggested by the #foodsafety and Standards Authority of India - The Hindu
  • Swimming with penguins. "It's like getting stabbed," says tourist taking a dip in Antarctica's freezing waters, all under the intrigued gaze of a colony of penguins - AFP news agency
  • Earlier, Statue of Unity was mentioned by the Times Magazine as one of the 100 important tourist destinations around the world - Swarajya
  • Why is Nazi memorabilia on sale at top London tourist destination? - Haaretz.com
  • French transit strikes close tourist sites, create traffic chaos for second day - América Hoy
  • I always get greenlit to write NYT op-eds when I go on tourist excursions It's definitely not because he worked for defense industry lobbyist firms or think-tanks - Anthony 🔰 土着
  • 'Not a good look': Bushfire smoke threatens to pollute Sydney's tourist image - Destinations and Hotels


Então é natal.... E a cidade vai se transformando, cheio de atrações espalhadas pela cidade, e a

Então é natal.... E a cidade vai se transformando, cheio de atrações espalhadas pela cidade, e a apresentação no parque do Ibirapuera é uma delas, todos os dias em 3 horár...



جارچی عطرِ تنت ای اقاقی سرگردان کوچه ی خاطره ها هر قدمت

جارچی عطرِ تنت ای اقاقی سرگردان کوچه ی خاطره ها هر قدمت وزنیست از شعرِ شاعـــره ها بــاد را جارچـــ...