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  • A “bomb cyclone” weather phenomenon is expected to simultaneously topple trees, knock out power and dump snow as it rolls into California and Oregon. Storms threaten to scramble travel plans for millions of people nationwide. - The Seattle Times
  • IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR! Gridlock traffic lit up the 405 last night as holiday travelers hit the roads - and it may get even worse today: - ABC7 Eyewitness News
  • There’s a hidden trove of vastly reduced fares to be found if you keep close track of airline announcements - The Wall Street Journal
  • Hats off to the good folks of Fairplay for stepping up to lend a hand to hundreds of people stranded in the snow over the weekend. The kindness you showed to strangers in need is what makes me proud to call Colorado home. - John Hickenlooper
  • for @washingtonpost, I reviewed Jeff VanderMeer's new novel, Dead Astronauts, an imaginative sci-fable that takes a lot of risks, few of which are successfully executed. - Connor Goodwin
  • Fire officials are urging travelers to check rental homes after responding to a scary incident involving Anna Faris. - USA TODAY
  • Travelers to China can finally experience its cashless economy like a local - Alipay is now available to tourists. - CellPoint Digital
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  • Travelers on I-90 faced long backups after 60 to 70 vehicles were involved in crashes near Spokane. Officials estimate it will take until Tuesday night to clear the area, which is near the Spokane International Airport. (via @asiakmfields) - The Seattle Times



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