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  • The moment a man who told BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker he struggles with loneliness at Christmas is given some festive cheer from students at Oldham College. Get your tissues ready - BBC North West
  • Legit. #aareyforest saviour Shiv Sena wants to chop a thousand trees in the 'Green Lung' of Aurangabad to make Balasaheb Thackeray memorial. - Anand Ranganathan
  • You may remember him from such classics as - Parker Molloy
  • It's like #christmas! Just published: my quirky little family tale, multiple generations in the making, about our connection to the #evergleam aluminum Christmas tree and #manitowoc, #wisconsin, where my grandfather was a part of the tree's creation story - Kate Silver
  • Oh baby, baby, Merry Christmas! Watch @TaylorSwift13 perform #christmastreefarm live for the very first time - billboard
  • “One of the things I love so much about collecting them & setting them up is I always wonder about what people originally owned them, & how many happy Decembers were spent with this tree in a picture window, at the center of a family gathering.” - TFP Tuley
  • I think that I shall never see A carbon capture and storage mechanism as proven and scalable as a tree - Ben Wikler
  • I’m grateful that President @realDonaldTrump isn’t afraid to talk about what Christmas really means & mention the name of Jesus Christ, even when the secular culture in our world today wants to drown it out, deny it, or erase it completely. 2/2 - Franklin Graham
  • If you own an artificial tree, you should try to use it for at least 2 decades to reduce its environmental impact, says a Victoria-based environmental organization. - CBC British Columbia
  • Fire-starting weed or ecological scapegoat? The battle over California's eucalyptus trees - The Guardian
  • Because nothing says Christmas more than a massive reptilian monster - LADbible
  • Let’s remember that Eric Trump said that the reason his dad ran for president is because Obama changed the name of the White House Christmas tree to the White House “Holiday Tree.” That didn’t happen. - Parker Molloy
  • Timothée Chalamet Said He'd Play A Tree In Any Greta Gerwig Movie, And I Have No Choice But To Stan - BuzzFeed
  • In a climate emergency, mangrove trees are truly extraordinary. (via @voxdotcom) - The Nature Conservancy
  • On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me A python in a pear tree - CNN International
  • Why you should plant trees in square holes.... Sounds weird, but there’s scientific method behind the madness. - James Wong
  • Christmas tree that was chopped down outside the BBC's Broadcasting House "will be replaced soon" - BBC News (UK)
  • We tried pretty much everything, the answer is 2. - Gergely J Szöllősi
  • O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree How lovely are thy branches O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree Oh wait, that isn't a branch - CNN


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Гуляли мы и по лесам Шри-Ланки. Встречали неизвестного зверя. Деревья там высокие, а вот снега нет с...

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In fondo solo col fango una mano sapiente può costruire qualche cosa che resista al fuoco. Anche se i più lo maneggiano non per costruire, ma per insozzare e per distruggere. (Ga...