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  • Over his last eight games, Ben McLemore is averaging 16.6 points on 45.5% three-point shooting. The #rockets are 6-2 (a 62-win pace) in that run, and could easily be 8-0 if not for a made dunk that didn't count and a 30+ foot buzzer-beater. #onemission - Ben DuBose
  • Nick Cannon Drops Eminem Diss Track 'The Invitation,' RIP Nick Trending - TMZ
  • Long after the hashtag has stopped trending, parents (like @Nelba_MG and Jimmy Greene), families and communities continue to grieve. “Mourn with those who mourn.” Elevate the discourse from “rights” to rights balanced with responsibities. Be humane. - Be A King
  • Why do they fucc wit Eminem? - BrothaLynchHung
  • Disney Plus, #babyyoda top Google's 2019 trending U.S. searches - Variety
  • Google Korea Reveals Top Trending Keywords Of 2019 - Soompi
  • What was trending on Tinder in 2019? Kombucha, Elizabeth Warren and wokeness - Guardian Tech
  • Seeing as US Trade is trending and people are saying some quite confused stuff about the NHS, I thought worth tweeting this again. The US is not trying to buy the NHS, but it is trying to break our regulatory system to hike drug prices globally - Luke McGee
  • [Soompi] Google Korea Top Trending Keywords Of 2019 Television program top 10 ranking: #1 SKY Castle #3 Extraordinary You #sf9 #rowoon #chani #extraordinaryyou #skycastle - Holy_Lime
  • Oh yeah, Sinclair Media meant disrespect with their reporter. The worst of the worst broadcasters in bias and slant. I pity the captive audiences. - Tina Routhier
  • Rowdy Baby, Pachtaoge and Saki Saki make it to the Top Trending Youtube Music Videos of 2019! See full list: - Desimartini
  • U.K. voters are heading to the polls today. Naturally, #dogsatpollingstations was trending nationwide on Twitter. - NPR
  • Hashtags like #happybirthdaysuperstar, #hbdthalaivarsuperstarrajini, #happybirthdayrajinikanth were trending in No 1, 3, 5 trends | Read - Business Line
  • I see #nexit is trending and everyone lies about mayority of Dutch being pro exit. In the meantime, truth is that 91% of Dutch want to stay! Don't believe trolls on Twitter! We're not going out! - Malenkowicz | #OpenUp
  • I really wish I can understand the thought process of those who think they can battle Eminem. I mean, I'm sorry Nick Cannon, but you dug your own grave with this one. #ripnickcanon - Miguel Enrique
  • Frankie Boyle's trending column says he won't be voting Tory for the same reasons he "won’t be spending the day kicking children... into traffic". He cares about children so much, of course, he once joked about Katie Price's disabled child raping her - Charlotte Gill
  • That "Iceland" is trending because of a beauty pageant pretty much sums up our proximity to hell in this handbasket. - Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸 #DemCast
  • No surprise that her segments on RAW always do high numbers among Teenage Demos. Becky Lynch Dominate Tumblr’s Top 10 Trending Pro Wrestlers - Deadly Lucky (Fan)
  • Man left wife -> man's fans marries each other -> man's male fan abuses female fan Woman, who married Gujarat man for their love for PM Modi, accuses husband of torture, abuse - Trending News News - Arya


TomTom troll..!?😂😂 ______________________ ______________________ Just for fun..!😋😋 ^^^^^

TomTom troll..!?😂😂 ______________________ ______________________ Just for fun..!😋😋 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Do follow and keep supporting @_pod...

MY NEW SONG🔥🔥”GET OUT MY FACE” coming on all platforms soon ☺️✨✨ Shoutouts to da h

MY NEW SONG🔥🔥”GET OUT MY FACE” coming on all platforms soon ☺️✨✨ Shoutouts to da haters or whateva when you don’t feel like hearin nobody mouth just be like “...