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  • Eddie Stobart wins reprieve as ex-owners bail out trucking firm - david s. figg
  • It’s been a tough year for the trucking business. And the outlook for next year isn’t looking any rosier. - Gene Marks
  • Truckers warn of a 'bloodbath' as trucking companies go bankrupt and slash profit expectations - johnny_mack
  • Truck driving is the No. 1 job in 29 states. Last year, 310 trucking companies failed. So far this year? 640 trucking companies went under. And this is BEFORE self-driving cars We need to start talking about this before it's too late - Dan Price
  • 'Devastating,' says truck owner and creditor of failed Tlicho trucking companies - Lutz Manke
  • It’s not just the truck drivers - the shipping coordinators are being automated too - Andrew Yang🧢
  • From Discover on Google - Queen Dee
  • "In the first half of the year, about 640 trucking companies went bankrupt, according to industry data from Broughton Capital LLC. That's more than triple the number of bankruptcies from the same period last year"  - Brutum Fulmen 🧢
  • Nipawin business owner out $20K after northern trucking company shuts down - CBC Saskatchewan
  • Eddie Stobart wins reprieve as ex-owners bail out haulage firm - Peter O'Connor
  • Good news! - I AM DOGGAGE
  • Celadon trucking bankruptcy leaves some 3,000 drivers jobless and stranded - peter savage
  • Why Sask. trucking firms are switching to electronic logs well ahead of 2021 deadline - Reddball Inc
  • Trucking companies failing at nearly triple the rate of 2018 - John Flynn 4 US Senate
  • 2020 looks set to be a tough year for the American trucking industry - Craig Robins
  • The goal of "Cargospeed" is to transport freight at the speed of flight, but at the cost of trucking. - CNBC
  • Here's some #pens notes on Evgeni Malkin's health, a really cool thing that Jared McCann had been meaning to do for a while and a milestone for Jack Johnson, who hopes to keep on trucking. - Matt Vensel
  • Americans should #fundandrewyang to be elected because he is the only candidate talking about issues facing everyday Americans. Fact: About 640 trucking companies went bankrupt in the first half of the year. - Anderson Huu 🧢🐐☂️
  • Shifting Gears: A massive trucking bankruptcy, Tesla gets a string of wins, and a look into the post-car future (TSLA, GM) - HP Targeting, Inc.


SEMA 2019 bound! We will be traveling from Fresno Ca. to Las Vegas. If you catch us on the highway,

SEMA 2019 bound! We will be traveling from Fresno Ca. to Las Vegas. If you catch us on the highway, honk and say 👋🏽! —————— Find us at the SEMA show, Booth 21415...