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  • BREAKING: Twitter Bans Fox News Host Pete Hegseth For Sharing Manifesto Of The Saudi Terrorist Who Attacked The FL Military Base Twitter let mainstream orgs share content that featured the manifestos of the New Zealand & El Paso terrorists to smear Trump - Ryan Saavedra
  • Fox News host Pete Hegseth 'BANNED from Twitter' after sharing anti-American 'manifesto' of Pensacola shooter - Sean Walsh
  • This is insane - Islamists that incite death to Americans are free to spread their hate on social media but if ⁦@PeteHegseth⁩ reports on it HE’s BANNED!!? Part of a larger trend of tech companies SILENCING OUR #freespeech FIGHT BACK RETWEET THIS!!!!! - BrookeGoldstein
  • [email protected] 'BANNED from @Twitter' after sharing 'manifesto' of terrorist shooter - Tom Fitton
  • How to grow your Twitter following from 400 to 66,000 in one weekend: Get into a feud with Mike Huckabee - Daniel W. Uhlfelder
  • Mike Huckabee has filed a formal complaint to the Florida Bar against an attorney with 500 Twitter followers for criticizing him and RTing/liking tweets making fun of him - Jon Swaine
  • Pensacola shooter Mohammed Alshamrani issued a manifesto professing his Islamist hatred of America. Fox host Pete Hegseth tweeted the manifesto as an example of Islamist hatred of America. Twitter banned Hegseth. Twitter has no time for truth. - MR HUMBUG
  • Crybaby @GovMikeHuckabee doesn’t like being teased on Twitter by @DWUhlfelderLaw, so he filed a formal Bar Complaint against him. Unreal. So I’m giving Daniel Uhlfelder a follow just to piss Huckabee off, and I suggest my followers do the same. - George Takei
  • 1.5 million WhatsApp accounts have been deactivated in Kashmir b/c users that are inactive for 120 days are removed. Take a moment, search Twitter & see how painful it is for Kashmiris to see their loved ones disappear from family chats that are years old - Arjun Sethi
  • Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has filed a bar complaint against a Florida lawyer who’s used his minor Twitter presence to poke fun at him - The Daily Beast
  • Left without comment 1 - John Schindler
  • 雪見 ONLINE List [Twitter] @yukimin_2525 [YouTube] - 雪見 official
  • Free speech & nat'l security advocates....please note @Twitter takes down @PeteHegseth account. @dbongino @IngrahamAngle @seanhannity @realDonaldTrump #freepete Fox host 'BANNED from Twitter' after sharing 'manifesto' of shooter - Brian Hegseth
  • Snowflake @GovMikeHuckabee is afraid of a lawyer calling saying his Secret Service code name should be "beach thief." I guess he thinks Twitter should be a safe space. SAD. - Grant Stern
  • LOL, @GovMikeHuckabee doesn't mind being criticized for raising a serial liar and a dog torturer, but don't you dare call him a #beachthief - I want a multiverse where Trump sells Herb-a-Life
  • Military bases across the US are put on high alert as FBI hunt missing Saudi servicemen in wake of Pensacola attack Yesterday Twitter locked my account until I deleted a Tweet with my opinion on motivation - John Cardillo
  • Anyone on Twitter should never underestimate the loyal support that former Vice President Joe Biden gets per day. - Biden War Room (Text UNITED to 30330)
  • One day before the Inspector General report's release and a key impeachment presentation for Democrats, President Donald Trump went on Twitter. By nighttime, he had fired off 99 tweets and retweets. - POLITICO
  • Fox and Friends host Pete Hegseth is 'BANNED from Twitter' - Daily Mail US