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  • A new U.N. report argues many of the street protests popping up around the globe are driven by a growing sense that societies are rigged to favor the powerful — and trap the masses in low-wage, dead-end lives. - NPR
  • This is a good, sober summary. Corbyn was an especially divisive figure in a way that even Bernie Sanders isn't; on the other hand, the UK election offered little support for the idea that progressive policies can win over the white working class 1/ - Paul Krugman
  • The Democrat Party can't accept the fact that in the U.S., we have what's called a 'peaceful transition of power.' They never accepted the 2016 election results and now they're trying to take away America's vote for @realDonaldTrump in the 2020 election! - Team Trump
  • See @TaylorSwift13's performance of #lover on #strictlycomedancing - billboard
  • Mexico is protesting the call for U.S. labor monitors to be based in Mexico to track the enforcement of its labor laws and ensure compliance with USMCA - The Wall Street Journal
  • Opinion: A new report says more and more U.S. cities are making it illegal to sleep outside, on the street, in a park or in your own car. @nprscottsimon says that doesn't resolve the problems of people who have no place to live. It just relocates them. - NPR
  • Fraud is the business model of the military-industrial complex. The time is long overdue for us to stand up to their lobbyists and fight for the basic needs of working families throughout this country. - Bernie Sanders
  • Today, #china's foreign minister blasted the US, calling it the "troublemaker of the world": - Gordon G. Chang
  • This decision by Trump's NLRB is terrible for working people. Companies like @McDonalds should be held responsible for labor law violations in their stores. Period. I stand with unions like @SEIU fighting to ensure workers get the justice they deserve. - Bernie Sanders
  • This may force the Supreme Court to assess the scope of birthright citizenship for the first time in more than a century. - Slate
  • "Some diplomats say it’s inevitable that governments will turn to trade barriers in the effort to fight climate change. "'It’s not whether it’s going to happen — it’s going to happen,' former Secretary of State John Kerry said." - Alex Steffen
  • “The spirit and the objectives of the Paris Agreement are being eroded clause by clause,” one senior diplomat said. - NYT Climate
  • Anyone born in American Samoa is not granted birthright citizenship. Instead, they are identified as U.S. nationals. They can't participate in elections or run for elected office. They're denied from applying for government jobs that require citizenship. - NPR
  • One in five Salvadorans has moved to the U.S. over the last 40 years, fleeing gang violence and poverty. Half of them are undocumented. El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele tells 60 Minutes how he’s trying to make life better in his country, Sunday. - 60 Minutes
  • The amazing @snb19692 We salute you, you give us hope - BremainInSpain #FBPE
  • Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board: "With reluctance, we conclude the U.S. House of Representatives has enough reason to justify the impeachment of President Donald Trump." - Kyle Griffin
  • American pigs are raised on a steady diet of antibiotics, encouraging a surge in drug-resistant germs. Danish farmers are proving there's a better way.  - NYT Science
  • GOP tax scam was scored by the Congressional Budget Office & it projected that in 10 years the #usa’s deficit will equal 95% of our gross domestic product. It’s a fraud. Rob’s a fraud. It encourages corporations to fire USA workers. source: Reuters - Happy Chichester
  • David Runciman, the author of the book “How Democracy Ends,” on the results of the U.K. election. - The New Yorker