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  • Russian foreign minister Lavrov is coming to Washington the day after Ukraine's Pres Zelenskyy meets with Putin. Suspicious as hell... I worry for Ukraine's future with the traitor in the WH working for Putin. Lavrov's visit is a message - Olga Lautman
  • “The fact that Giuliani is back in Ukraine is like a murder suspect returning to the crime scene to live-stream themselves moon dancing.” Rudy’s return trip angers White House aides and many in GOP, who want Trump to distance. w/@PaulSonne & @gregpmiller: - Josh Dawsey
  • 'You're a damn liar, man!' – Joe Biden blasts Iowa voter, calls him 'fat' after man repeats Ukraine smear - CNBC
  • The FBI should greet Rudy when he lands at JFK. Giuliani in Ukraine with conservative news outlet in effort to discredit impeachment probe - Richard W. Painter
  • Joe Biden still hasn’t found a clear and cogent message when it comes to his son’s overseas business dealings - POLITICO
  • A source directly involved in Rudy Giuliani's trip to Europe confirms to NBC News that Giuliani is currently in Kyiv conducting interviews as part of his investigation into the Bidens and his bid to undercut the credibility of the impeachment probe. - Kyle Griffin
  • 70% of Americans think what Trump did with Ukraine is wrong. For those watching the hearings, 60% think Trump should be impeached AND removed. #americansforimpeachment #trumpcrimefamilymustgo - Swing Left
  • HOLY COW New evidence raises the question: Is Nunes an investigator or participant in Ukraine affair? - CNNPolitics - SarahCA 💙🌊
  • Joe Biden lashed at an Iowa town hall after the man suggested he helped his son get a sweetheart deal in Ukraine and was “selling access” like President Donald Trump does: “You’re a damn liar. That's not true," Biden said. “Get your words straight, jack!” - POLITICO
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is withholding his support for a proposed parliamentary investigation into a gas company entangled in the U.S. impeachment inquiry. - Rebecca Ballhaus
  • This was the discussion I had with MSNBC’s Ari Melber who broke the story yesterday, based on the Schiff report, that Trump was still holding back $35.2 million from Ukraine despite his public lie that the funds had been “fully” paid - - John P. Flannery
  • Rudy Giuliani, the President's personal attorney, traveled to Hungary and Ukraine this week to meet with several former Ukrainian prosecutors in an effort to defend Trump against House Democrats' impeachment inquiry, The New York Times reports - CNN
  • Sen John Kennedy faces serious pushback after suggesting that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election. His comments have perplexed his colleagues. - POLITICO
  • “Exaggerating the effects of disinformation means amplifying the effects of disinformation” — my first in The Atlantic - Thomas Rid
  • Federal prosecutors in New York investigating Rudy Giuliani and his associates have deepened their focus on Ukraine's state-run oil-and-gas company, having interviewed its CEO, Andriy Kobolyev. - Shimon Prokupecz
  • "If what we're talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is impeachable," a constitutional expert and law professor testified today as the Judiciary Committee formally began impeachment proceedings into President Trump. - The New York Times
  • Andrii Derkach is the name of the MP. He's been pushing the "Ukrainian interference" line for a while... - Jonah Fisher
  • “This evidence will all be released very soon.” @RudyGiuliani promised “evidence” that @JoeBiden and other #obama admin officials “contributed to the increased level of corruption in Ukraine in 2014 and 2016.” - The Epoch Times
  • “Much of the $5.3B in US Aid Ukraine reported as misused was given to the embassy’s favored NGO’s… That embassy directed the police not to investigate.” @RudyGiuliani alleged that $5.3 billion in US aid to #ukraine was misused. - The Epoch Times


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And the day has come again to honor former Permanent Representatives and outstanding diplomats for t

And the day has come again to honor former Permanent Representatives and outstanding diplomats for their exemplary service to #un family with the Diwali Power Of One Awards. It was...


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