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  • Indigenous peoples are not the only ones opposed to Trans Mountain. Environmentalists, politicians & residents in the Vancouver area especially, have stood alongside Indigenous nations to say unequivocally they will not let this project go forward - Al Jazeera English
  • Some residents in Vancouver, Canada, say a $4.8 million piece of public art hanging underneath a bridge is distastefully positioned in an area formerly frequented by homeless people - CNN
  • The pipeline also affects marine life. The expansion would lead to a ~580% increase in tanker traffic in Burnaby & North Vancouver - a key habitat for southern orca whales & other marine life - Al Jazeera English
  • The group of 21 wildfire suppression experts left Vancouver on Tuesday and are not expected to return until early January, meaning they will be thousands of miles away from home for the holidays. - CNN
  • “While she has been living in a $13-million mansion on the west side of Vancouver,Ms. Meng said the slow passage of time over the past 12 months has provided her the opportunity to finish reading books and complete oil paintings” via ⁦@nvanderklippe⁩ - Laura Stone
  • I talked to the Peloton Husband! The Vancouver actor definitely did not expect to be the most hated spouse on the Internet this Christmas. - Harrison Mooney
  • North Vancouver's pigeon bylaw is being challenged in B.C. Supreme Court The District has hired a former B.C. Privacy Commissioner and Deputy Attorney General to oversee its own investigation - Justin McElroy
  • A Vancouver woman hired to work on a federal anti-racism program says she felt pushed out of her job after publicly criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for wearing blackface.  - CBC British Columbia
  • Vancouver's $4.8M public art installation draws criticism for Versailles-like excess in city grappling with housing and homelessness crisis: - CBC News Alerts
  • For newcomers, that first Canadian snowfall can be a shock to the system. And for those in milder climates, such as Vancouver, snowfalls are more of an occasional oddity. Don’t almost die like I did. Here’s a shame-free guide to driving in the snow: - Joanna Chiu 趙淇欣
  • From overnight: Blog post from Huawei's Meng Wanzhou reflects on the 1st anniversary of her arrest at the Vancouver airport. She thanks supporters and writes of her 'hardship' during house arrest. - CBC News Alerts
  • “We’re treated often like a monolith,” says Vancouver’s Kevin Huang on how Canadian media need to find nuance when talking about “China” and “Chinese.” - The Star Vancouver
  • Are Canadians comfortable giving #huawei financial incentives? Would Canadian-designed tech assist oppressive governments? Star Vancouver's @Nuttallreports asks a few political and security experts: - Toronto Star
  • Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou issues statement on anniversary of Vancouver arrest — calls it year of ‘torment and struggle’ - Jeremy Nuttall |纳兰展眉
  • Brightly coloured birds and exotic-looking plants first started making Vancouver their home at the Bloedel Conservatory 50 years ago and, over the last half century, the city's small pocket of paradise has garnered countless stories. - CBC British Columbia
  • Vancouver unveiled a $4.8-million giant chandelier this week. But is it good? - HuffPost Canada
  • Palmer: Frustrated forestry workers vent on Trevena, NDP’s lack of lifeline | Vancouver Sun - Rich Coleman
  • "If he pulls something sharp, I was gonna drop my baby supplies and crack him one." @Senators Mark Borowiecki explains his crime-stopping incident in Vancouver. - Sportsnet
  • #vanre The barometer of the Vancouver real estate market has stopped spinning ... Westbank says, "It's broken. It's a large, complex, kinetic work, and minor technical adjustments are required." 12:15 mark: - Hutchyman


🧚🏻‍♀️19.08.04🧚🏻‍♀️ - 加拿大溫哥華同志大遊行🌈 - 彩虹飄揚延

🧚🏻‍♀️19.08.04🧚🏻‍♀️ - 加拿大溫哥華同志大遊行🌈 - 彩虹飄揚延續前一天的克羅埃西亞煙火節 早已路過此地區, 不同單位透...

this week’s ice cream feature is this strawberry bubblegum profiteroles with strawberry banana ice

this week’s ice cream feature is this strawberry bubblegum profiteroles with strawberry banana ice cream, strawberry compote & mini rainbow macarons 🌈🌈🌈// RUN, don’t w...