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  • Fantastic,an eye opener for people who want to know varna system,manusmriti,who can be janeudhari - Asaduddin Owaisi
  • Shudra varna refers to dasa or service providers. Why do people who serve the public or gurus not call themselves Shudra varna ? My column - Devdutt Pattanaik
  • On an iconic Malayali king, his varna upgrade (via a golden cow & colourful rituals) & the cementing of his power after he married his own narrative to that of his favourite god (where criticism of the king became anti-god, like today's anti-nationalism). - Manu S Pillai
  • “Gandhiji, I have no homeland.” The first meeting between Gandhi & B.R. Ambedkar,is memorialized in this sentence. It expresses centuries-old plight of those most oppressed in varna hierarchy under institutionalised social injustice at the heart of country. - ヴィラージ カダム
  • [email protected] traces the company that owns the lorry at the centre of the Essex trailer deaths inquiry to its registered address in Varna, Bulgaria - ITV News
  • 'Kashmiriyon #uttarpradesh chodo, varna': In #meerut, hoardings ask Kashmiris to leave UP - ABP News
  • Varna Dolphinarium in Bulgaria is being criticized over the death of a baby dolphin. The incident happened during a live performance. The show was then cut short, he says, and the visitors asked to leave. READ: - Oceanic Preservation Society / OPS
  • 'We found Sanskrit professors at leading universities making absurd claims, for example that caste is unrelated to birth; that Hindu society is inherently gender-blind; or that if the term “varna” does not occur, there is no discrimination.' - Mihir Sharma
  • Authorities are investigating an Irish smuggling ring with links to Varna, Bulgaria, where the lorry is registered to - Metro
  • What is Kancha Ilaiah's obsession with "Shudra varna"? Was there ever an authority that classified thousands of castes into neat four varnas? - Tejas Harad
  • First batch of SC-ST priests ready to take charge at Tirupati temples .. This is true path of Manu's Varna System.. Now by the nature of their karma these Priests are Brahmins..The learned ones..The teachers..Holder of vedic knowledge.. Emotional moment - Ritu (सत्यसाधक) #EqualRightsForHindus
  • The USS Porter arrived at the Bulgarian Black Sea port of Varna Friday, marking the sixth time this year the @USNavy has sent a warship to the region. - Stars and Stripes
  • [OPINION] -- The caste system in India, which was created as a massive project over 3,000 years ago in the Hindu Varna system, is surviving and thriving even now. - News18
  • 'I have been inside and there's little to suggest that a company is being run from here.' @anguswalkertalk in Varna, Bulgaria, where the firm that owns the lorry at the centre of the Essex trailer deaths inquiry is registered - ITV News
  • LOCAL KNOWLEDGE - The oldest gold treasure in the world was discovered near Varna in 1972, ... - BulgarianWine .com
  • Everyone focuses so much on Hinduism's varna dharma (status or category in society) that they overlook ashrama dharma (stage of life) ....read about it in this article of mine: - Devdutt Pattanaik
  • Gandhi was so outdated. When asked by a Dalit delegation about his views on the varna system, Gandhi replied: “All occupations should be hereditary. Millions of people are not going to become Prime Ministers and Viceroys.” Thanks @ARanganathan72 for this - Avinash Choubey
  • Animal photos of the week: Three young playful lions at Varna Zoo in Bulgaria (Rex) - Telegraph Pictures
  • Judge of his own varna: What the IAS man in VII pay panel thinks of the lesser 'castes' - Firstpost


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