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  • In my view, it would be insane to argue that our criminal justice system is not racist, broken, and in need of serious reform. - Bernie Sanders
  • Today my newspaper, the @ObserverUK, published it's position on this election. Please read. It's bang on, on every point re all parties. And it's message is bang on too: do whatever is necessary to stop Johnson and the wretched Tories getting a majority. - Jay Rayner
  • Max Boot is right. It is sickening: “The percentage of Republicans who view Russia as an ally has nearly doubled since Trump took office. The party’s transformation into a Russian lickspittle makes me sick; “GOP” might as well stand for “‘Gang of Putin.’” - Steven Beschloss
  • This is cowardly capitulation by the ABC which is privileging the fragile sensibilities of white men over the wellbeing & safety of women. It is a reminder that imaginary violence against men upsets & disturbs more than actual violence against women - Mona Eltahawy
  • New poll in the UK has more than 60% of Conservative party voters agreeing with the statement "Islam threatens the British way of life"; 55% want fewer Muslims allowed into the country - Tom Gara
  • Hi everyone who read this article. I am Itatsu from Official Liverpool Supporters Club Japan!!! It's honor for me to published on Liverpool Echo! YNWA. - ITATSU
  • As part of an ongoing, three-year legal battle, The Post has obtained notes, transcripts and audio recordings from more than 400 government interviews and compiled them into a comprehensive database. You can view them here: - The Washington Post
  • [email protected] is the most-watched @YouTube creator of 2019 with 4 billion views - Variety
  • With $60 billion or 40% of India’s total software exports realised from the state of Karnataka, proactive policies of the state govt to drive innovation & presence of global #it behemoths in Bengaluru can certainly make this city Asia’s innovation capital. - Dr.Omkar Rai
  • The Observer view on who to vote for in the general election | Observer editorial - The Guardian
  • "After a tawdry campaign of lies and racism, the choice is clear – anyone but Johnson" If we are going to #getborisout we need to do more than just #votenottory we need to #tacticalvote for the candidate best placed to win - People's Vote UK
  • The artists being honored at the 2019 #bbwomeninmusic event broke music records, pushed the boundaries of genre & reshaped the narrative around female artists' role in music - billboard
  • View from the New York Times: Now Drawing Viewers: The Election Interview Boris Johnson Won’t Do - Andrew Neil
  • The Guardian backs Labour. I’m so happy reading this. Yes I disagree with the politics of its Westminster coverage, and some of its columnists, but on reporting, unlike elsewhere, it pursues the truth. The truth matters. - Aaron Bastani
  • I’m very proud to work at @ObserverUK - Eva Wiseman
  • #bts's "Airplane Pt.2" Japanese Version MV Reaches 100 Million Views #airplanept2_100m - Soompi
  • “Over the course of the past year, our views about the path of interest rates that would best achieve our employment and inflation objectives changed significantly,” Fed Chair Powell said yesterday about the Fed's previous rate cuts. - CNBC
  • some details from inside the McConnell meeting with WH Counsel today - pledging close coordination, similar views on start of trial, still no agreement on witnesses. w/ @mkraju - Phil Mattingly
  • This piece is a perfect example of the sick and twisted view of the NYT with regard to anti-Semitism. - Ben Shapiro


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Chasing sunrise in polish mountains. Where is your best sunrise experience? ▪︎ W pogoni za zacho

Chasing sunrise in polish mountains. Where is your best sunrise experience? ▪︎ W pogoni za zachodem słońca w polskich górach. A Wy gdzie widzieliście najpiękniejszy zachó...