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  • It's been a while since I teared up interviewing someone because the story was so heartfelt and genuine I'm sure you've seen the viral photo of the 5-year-old who got adopted and his whole class came to support him. Well, the backstory is even more feels - Brianna Sacks
  • We've reached the stage where Burger King now offers more accurate, honest and insightful political reporting than the BBC.... - Liberal_Leigh 🕷️ 🔶 🇪🇺 #FBPE #StopBrexit
  • Turkish police break protest in Istanbul over lyrics of viral anti-rape anthem - The Times of Israel
  • Here's How Harry Styles Pulled Off the Most Viral Marketing Campaign of 2019 For 'Adore You' Video - billboardbiz
  • This should go viral, but in apathetic Britain, won't. Here in one picture sums up why nobody should vote @Conservatives on Thursday. Giving tax cuts to billionaires while a sick 4-year-old boy lies on a hospital floor in Leeds today because no beds: - Tom Pride
  • A video of British people wildly underestimating the cost of health care in the U.S. is going viral. - HuffPost
  • 27 Origin Stories Behind Some Of The Most Viral Memes Of 2019 - BuzzFeed
  • Advert mocking Vote Leave's Brexit battle bus goes viral. “A Burger King spokesperson told the Standard: "As the Home of the Whopper®, we felt that if anyone has the right to stick whoppers on the side of a bus, it's us.” #votetactically #ge2019 - Cornish Skipper ☂️#VoteForARemainer☂️🇪🇺🕷
  • Very very funny: SNL on the NATO summit this week (including @jimmyfallon as @JustinTrudeau: - Susan Delacourt
  • Outrage culture strikes again. So called “journalists,” eager to judge & condemn without knowing the facts or context, pounce on Nikki Haley. Is this really the culture we want to be? Prone to accusatory outbursts and emotional reasoning? No, it’s not. - Dan Crenshaw
  • Remember the clip of Colin Kaepernick slinging deep balls at his workout? The one that went viral? The Redskins signed one of the guys catching them today -- and he credited Kap with helping him get back in the league: - Sam Fortier
  • World leaders appear to have been caught on camera mocking President Donald Trump at the NATO summit in London on Tuesday night in a video that is going viral. - HuffPost
  • A video went viral where, in Season 1, Episode 4 of ‘The Newsroom’, which was aired in 2012, a segment on ‘Spreading Lies’ featured NDTV. - OpIndia.com
  • Pelosi campaign launches "Don't mess with Nancy" merchandise after house speaker's viral rebuke of reporter - Newsweek
  • Why would we want people asking questions about the cell lines being used.... "However, continuous and primary cell lines used for vaccine production suffer from the limitation of being potentially strongly tumorigenic." - Daphne Lee
  • So, That Viral Dakota Johnson / Ellen DeGeneres Clip Is Way More Interesting Than I First Thought - BuzzFeed
  • Boris Johnson's refusal to face Andrew Neil backfires after millions watch viral clip of him being savaged by BBC host - Business Insider
  • Reporter goes viral after calling out man who assaulted her on live TV - Carla Marinucci
  • RCMP officers go viral for their Grinch-parody crime prevention video - CTV News


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