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  • The Dirty War on the NHS is currently in cinemas. The ITV broadcast is 17 Dec -- after the election, alas, due to election rules. However, there is an "Online Screening Cinema" on 10 Dec. Visit - John Pilger
  • MPs are public functionaries and total transparency is expected of them. I have introduced a Private member bill making it mandatory to declare details like Passports, foreign travels, foreign hospitality received etc. Please support and Retweet/comment. - GVL Narasimha Rao
  • Russian Foreign Ministry says Foreign Minister Lavrov will meet with President Trump in the Oval tomorrow. The last time this happened, the President reportedly shared "code-word" classified intelligence with him and Ambassador Sergei Kislyak - Julia Macfarlane
  • Rudy Giuliani made a surprise visit to Kyiv and nobody here is happy about it. My dispatch on what’s been a dizzying past 24 hours in Ukraine’s capital city, with details about Giuliani’s movements and the merry band of conspiracy theorists tagging along. - Christopher Miller
  • An official in Zelensky's office tells BuzzFeed News that the president was caught off guard by Rudy Giuliani's arrival in Kyiv this week, learning about it from the media. Equally shocked by his arrival was the U.S. Embassy, according to a US diplomat. - Kyle Griffin
  • It's high time Britain had a Prime Minister who actually cares about ordinary people: Jeremy Corbyn makes secret visit to shelter as number of homeless soars - Elsa🏳️‍🌈💚
  • Germany's Angela Merkel spoke of feeling "deep shame" during her first visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp - TIME
  • "On Thursday morning, Kyiv got its first look at Giuliani at work in the city when he met with Andriy Derkach... Derkach, who graduated from an academy run by the KGB, posted photographs on Facebook of the two men meeting at an undisclosed location." - Natasha Bertrand
  • Killer whale pod visit to Tamar River baffles orca experts - ABC News
  • The presidents free lawyer continues his Criming tour of Kyiv. - Molly Jong-Fast
  • I had a feeling when I read last week the Lavrov was coming to DC to meet with Pompeo, it was a false pretense for him to actually meet with Trump. In the midst of impeachment this is quite remarkable. As Pelosi says, with Trump “All roads lead to Putin.” - Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
  • Russian foreign minister Lavrov is coming to Washington the day after Ukraine's Pres Zelenskyy meets with Putin. Suspicious as hell... I worry for Ukraine's future with the traitor in the WH working for Putin. Lavrov's visit is a message - Olga Lautman
  • Trump visit Day One He’ll stay out of the election – he hasn’t He thinks Johnson is “very capable” – he isn’t He’s a fan of Brexit – of course he is as it will leave us eating his chlorinated chicken and seeing our NHS undermined #trumpukvisit - Caroline Lucas
  • #samasamasaseagames update: The Philippines is through to the final round of men's volleyball after defeating four-time SEA Games champion Thailand in five thrilling sets! For more #seagames2019 content, visit - ESPN5
  • "Through the summer, Zelensky sought a White House visit to urge Trump to press Russia and side with Ukraine in the negotiations. It never materialized. To the contrary, Trump backed away from Zelensky and his troubles in the war... - Rachel Maddow MSNBC
  • Angela Merkel visited @AuschwitzMuseum on Friday for the first time as chancellor and said admitting Nazi crimes was a key part of Germany's identity that could combat growing anti-Semitism. - Auschwitz Memorial
  • Jeremy Corbyn makes secret visit to shelter as number of homeless soars - 🌹M-K🌹
  • The optic of this. So often it seems Trump (and Giuliani) - put the unthinkable in front of is to dull its impact. "All roads lead to Putin." - Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
  • As expected, Rudy met in Kyiv with a dog’s breakfast of pro-Russian politicians, fringe conspiracists, and corrupt figures with ulterior motives. Incredible how far into the muck he’s sunk. - Michael Carpenter


Nusa Ceningan. 10/2019. ~ The islands of Nusa are incredible. Very impressive views, landscapes, cli

Nusa Ceningan. 10/2019. ~ The islands of Nusa are incredible. Very impressive views, landscapes, cliffs, etc. This image was taken with low tide, it's impressive how low the tide g...



WANDER BRO ____________________________________________________ A friend of mine asked me

WANDER BRO ____________________________________________________ A friend of mine asked me "yo, D how come you never post photos of yourself" to which I scratched my head and said...

生まれた街 . 僕が生まれた街は近くに大きな工場があった。昔から、空気

生まれた街 . 僕が生まれた街は近くに大きな工場があった。昔から、空気は悪いって言われてたけども、僕はそこで育ったから、そん...