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  • This is potentially huge. Tomorrow’s testimony by Kurt Volker could lead to another major eruption in the impeachment volcano arising from Trump’s embroilment with Ukraine and Russia. Watch this space! - Laurence Tribe
  • Japan's Sakurajima volcano produced an enormous ash cloud after erupting on November 8, as seen from the Shiroyama Park Observation Deck in Kagoshima. This was the biggest eruption of the volcano in more than three years, according to local reports. - ABC News
  • Timelapse video shows the massive smoke spewing from the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico, when it erupted, sending ash more than a mile into the air. - ABC News
  • "To me, volcanoes are the most tangible phenomena showing that our planet is alive," says volcanologist Arianna Soldati. - Nat Geo Travel
  • A brown bear searches for salmon in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. This awe-inspiring wilderness is teeming with volcanoes, geothermal features, and an abundance of wildlife - National Geographic
  • In 1985, Jenifer de la Rosa was just a week old when a volcano exploded and buried her entire town, killing 25,000 in Colombia. De la Rosa was adopted. Now, scientists have found her biological sister. More here: - The Associated Press
  • Swim through teeming coral reefs and trek up wild jungle volcanoes in these spectacular scenes of island adventure. - Nat Geo Travel
  • BREAKING: Stunning photo shows lighting striking an erupting volcano. Me: Great. So now, on top of everything else, we're in a Godzilla movie? (Have a good night, all. It looks like we'll need our rest.) - Dean Gloster
  • A volcano caused the loss of the island of Lateiki in the Kingdom of Tonga in October, but it was short-lived. The same volcano created a new island roughly 400 feet to the west - Alfons López Tena #FBPE
  • Stunning image captures rare moment 'upward lightning' shoots out of a volcano in Guatemala - Daily Mail Online
  • An island in the Kingdom of Tonga, one that's been around since 1995, just blew itself up in an act of extreme home redecoration. The underlying volcano then made another island nearby that's four times the size of the old one. :D Me, for @NYTScience. - Dr Robin George Andrews 🌋
  • This #volcano destroyed an island, then created a new one: After the October blast at Lateiki in the Kingdom of Tonga, a larger island formed over a connected vent in the ocean. via @NYTScience - EGU
  • NASA captures stunning photo of VOLCANO erupting beneath the Milky Way - Mirror Online - Maya Babu MD, MBA
  • Amazes me how sonata form–theme, exposition, recapitulation—works in writing as well as music. @TheCindyCarcamo artfully uses a mural to frame the tragedy, and resilience, of people displaced by disasters natural and manmade. #writingtips - Steve Padilla
  • Cursed or unlucky? Villagers must flee again, this time from a volcano: An indigenous community survived Guatemala's civil war. But a volcanic eruption is forcing them out of a town that had symbolized their resilience and grit. - Marcus Evans ⚛️ 🔬 🔭
  • This picture-perfect moment was captured at Volcan de Fuego, #guatemala. #volcano #milkyway - Journy
  • As part of a series of interviews with Democratic 2020 candidates, Amy Klobuchar discusses infrastructure needs, including rural broadband: “If they can hook up the entire country of Iceland with all its volcanoes, maybe we can hook up the state of Iowa.” - Capital Journal
  • Brit suffers agonising burns after foot went through 'safe' volcanic rock - The Sun
  • Lightning strikes the top of an active volcano in Guatemala during a recent storm - Marco☮️