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  • Volkswagen offices were raided by German prosecutors as part of a probe into diesel engines, a fresh setback for the company - Bloomberg
  • From a Uighur on Facebook. "Volkwagon connects people. For instance, it connects the Uighur and the Jews." - James Palmer
  • The auto maker aims to include such a feature in its vehicles within the next few years - Lolke Boonstra
  • Volkswagen has a factory in Xinjiang… …where China imprisons some 1 million people for their religion. VW says its 2012 decision to open the plant was "based purely on economics." "We do not assume any of our employees are forced laborers." Oh. - Andrew Stroehlein
  • German car industry in a meltdown mode as 50000 job cuts announced across the sector as automakers restructure After Volkswagen, Daimler cuts 10,000 jobs over the next 3years, following decision to invest in EV while grappling with weakening sales. - Prasanna Viswanathan
  • The Volkswagen Bus never went away, although at times it has fallen sharply out of fashion. And it’s back like never before. - Los Angeles Times
  • Volkswagen is grappling with an unwanted connection to Germany’s far-right AfD party, which is holding its national convention at a hall that bears its name - Bloomberg
  • I had dreamed about having a Volkswagen Beetle since forever. Bye-bye VW. - Chunyue Li
  • Volkswagen to refit cars affected by emissions scandal - Reuters UK - 鈴木 留美
  • Over the last decade, this once-humble workhorse has become something it’s never been: one of the hottest gets in the vintage auto world. - Los Angeles Times
  • Volkswagen emissions scandal: class action begins in UK - The Guardian Class action will focus on whether software fitted to 1.2 million vehicles was designed to defeat clean air laws VW is denying that the software it used was an illegal defeat device - JPR007
  • Volkswagen defends presence in China's Xinjiang amid uproar over Uighur abuses. It’s time to ditch China and find reliable manufacturing partners - OaksRox
  • "We do not assume any of our employees are forced laborers" -- Volkswagen, speaking about its plant in Xinjiang, where Beijing is detaining one million Muslims for re-education and often forced labor. You'd think Volkswagen would want to know for sure. - Kenneth Roth
  • Industrial giants like Volkswagen and Siemens are haunted by a history of involvement in ethnic repression, using slave labor during the Nazi era. - Nikkei Asian Review
  • The Volkswagen Bus’ long, strange trip from hippie van to hot collectible - Los Angeles Times - craig
  • Volkswagen Will Return To The Auto Expo 2020 With A Host Of SUVs - Shabab N
  • BMW AG, Volkswagen AG’s Audi and a Silicon Valley-based battery maker are pushing boundaries by racing #evs at speeds topping 170 mph. Powerful batteries and better motor are all being transferred from the racetrack to the showroom. - Neo Lithium Corp
  • Volkswagen headquarters raided again over diesel scandal - Reuters
  • Videos of long lines at Tesla Supercharger stations around Thanksgiving revealed a big hurdle companies like Tesla and Volkswagen need to clear before more people will buy EVs (TSLA) - HP Targeting, Inc.


Volkswagen T-Roc 1.0 Style em bit.ly/af-vwtroc-0319 ✔️ 2019, 12.000 km ✔️ Start and Stop ✔

Volkswagen T-Roc 1.0 Style em bit.ly/af-vwtroc-0319 ✔️ 2019, 12.000 km ✔️ Start and Stop ✔️ Tecnologia Led ✔️ Ar Condicionado Automático ✔️ Função Luzes Comi...



I think it’s time for another gti build? 😪 •••••••••••••••••

I think it’s time for another gti build? 😪 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...