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  • I Sorry i am not a VSCO Girl :(! - duck
  • o bullying I got 25% VSCO Girl, 25% E-Girl, 50% Soft Girl! - vitória
  • I got You're 28!! - EmmaB
  • I got: You Got: You made it! I guess I'm qualified to be a VSCO girl now - GeorgeZuo
  • I got You're 34!! I...... only 10 years off......... lol - StressJess 👌🏻 @ Frikudella
  • pena I got You're 21!! - vitória
  • I got You're 25!! "You're a young, fun VSCO girl who is always the life of the party but responsible enough to keep plants alive. Is this what adulting feels like?" - gamergate sadass
  • The VSCO girl trend is so hot right now even millennials are starting to feel old | South China Morning Post - Lisa Claflin
  • I got You're 28!! - Jinglepuff 🎄🍑
  • I got: 30% Soft Girl, 10% VSCO Girl, 60% E-Girl - g
  • I got You're 34!! - new wave tribalism
  • I got You're 34!! You're a 34-year-old VSCO girl who enjoys a good champagne brunch in your comfiest oversized tee shirt. Who cares what others think? Not you. - ╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱
  • IAAAGGGGHHH I got: You're a VSCO girl! - catboy bootlicker 🍮
  • I got: VSCO Girl - Angela Espinal
  • I got "60% Soft Girl, 20% VSCO Girl, 20% E-Girl"! Everyone Is A Bit Soft Girl, VSCO Girl, And E-Girl — What Percent Of Each Are You? - Quynh Phoung Tran
  • I got "You failed!"! Warning: This VSCO Girl Quiz Ends The Second You Get A Question Wrong - Quynh Phoung Tran
  • What % VSCO Girl Were You In 2019? - BuzzFeed Painter Robot
  • The VSCO girl is both a person and a meme, blandly aspirational to many, but also the subject of pointed parody - The Cut
  • Can You Actually Survive A Day As A VSCO Girl? - BuzzFeed Painter Robot


✧・゚:* merhabaa! uzun zamandır yoktum. geri geldim, yeni bir fikir ile. eskiden burayı studyg

✧・゚:* merhabaa! uzun zamandır yoktum. geri geldim, yeni bir fikir ile. eskiden burayı studygram olarak kullanıyordum ama hem insanlara motivasyon veremediğimi hem de güz...