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  • Anderson described a convo in which John Bolton revealed Trump had called him at home to complain about a CNN story that made it appear the Navy was pushing back against Russian aggression in the Black Sea. The W.H. asked the Navy to cancel the maneuver. - Kyle Griffin
  • EXCLUSIVE: US forces watched drone feeds with alarm as Turkish-backed forces in Syria appeared to target civilians. The reports of possible war crimes went to top US military and diplomatic leaders in DC, where Trump meets Erdogan tomorrow. - Dion Nissenbaum
  • Condoleezza Rice, a former secretary of state under Republican President George W. Bush, said reports of an unofficial U.S. policy being carried out in Ukraine were “deeply troubling.” - Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
  • Here's our @politico coverage of this AM's fast-moving events in the Stone trial. w/ @matthewchoi2018 - Darren Samuelsohn
  • SCOOP w/ @nahaltoosi: White House officials are drafting a plan that would condition U.S. foreign aid on how well countries treat religious minorities. The proposal would likely cover U.S. humanitarian assistance, but could also include military aid - Gabby Orr
  • If POTUS is discussing 'eradication' of terrorism w/ Erdogan, a top terrorism promoter, he is just latest POTUS to be played by Islamist strongman - - Andy McCarthy
  • ha. if it weren’t for Joe Biden, Trump would never be getting impeached I.e. it was Trump’s obsession w/ Biden that prompted Ukraine bribery; - Eric Boehlert
  • NEW — Contra Trump’s claim, Gordon Sondland lawyer says there is no reason to believe the transcript of his deposition is altered and that "the clarification was released in the form that it was submitted” - Sam Stein
  • Indian embassy has launched an outreach program among US congressmen to provide them w/ info on developments in Kashmir on a real-time basis. A delegation of congressional staffers may visit India shortly to get an understanding of Kashmir. Wake up, PTI! - Sameera Khan
  • Justice Sotomayor’s recent dissent highlights how our High Court is becoming a rubberstamp for trump corruption. The gop is packing the courts w/right-wing political hacks to turn them into an unelected legislature to enact republicans’ toxic agenda. - Bill Pascrell, Jr.
  • MORE NEWS: WH Counsel and WH Chief of staff at war during impeachment too. Pat Cipollone raised concerns about Mulvaney holding news briefing turned into a disaster, and President is fuming at the screw-up. Me w @ericawerner @jdawsey @rachaelmbade - Carol Leonnig
  • In partnership w/ Ascension, Google amasses complete health record for millions of Americans. “Neither patients nor doctors have been notified.” Neither patients nor doctors - One Ring (doorbell) to surveil them all...
  • Check out this terrific interview w/ indefatigable @shannonrwatts. - Valerie Jarrett
  • SCOOP: Trump aides are looking at ways to condition foreign aid on how a country treats its religious minorities. w/ the great @GabbyOrr_ - Nahal Toosi
  • w e r n e R - CarolineD Framke
  • TODAY Trump 2016 deputy campaign chair Rick Gates testifies today in Roger Stone's trial about calls Stone made to Donald Trump and his election operation about WikiLeaks, and who directed Stone to get Democratic email hacked by Russia. w/ @rachelweinerwp - Spencer Hsu
  • In August, after Congressman Seth Moulton dropped out of the presidential race, Trump tweeted at him: "You remain a frickin' coward" -- Moulton was awarded a Bronze Star w/ Valor for his heroism in Iraq. - Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈
  • ISIS terrorist says she wants to return to US w/her child, who was born in Syria to a jihadist father. Hoda Muthana is not an American but her father is suing the US gov. w/help from CAIR to try & bring her back. She once urged Muslims to kill Americans. - Andy Ngo
  • NEW: Five men will be beamed into living rooms across America as the face of the impeachment hearings. Three are typically anonymous House staffers. The others are Adam Schiff and Devin Nunes. A guide to the impeachment hearings w/@AndrewDesiderio - Kyle Cheney


#لایو با موضوع: بورسیه های تحصیلی استان ها و دانشگاه های

#لایو با موضوع: بورسیه های تحصیلی استان ها و دانشگاه های ایتالیا توسط وکیل رسمی مهاجرت بصورت لایو د...