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  • A sassy California bear opened the door of an SUV and climbed right in. - HuffPost
  • Ride-hailing companies must be held accountable for the assaults & violence that happen when predators are at the wheel. These numbers highlight staggering systemic failures. Uber should be shocked & deeply humbled. More needs to be urgently done. - Richard Blumenthal
  • This iPhone app will make you nostalgic for the iPod click wheel - komohagen
  • Amazon's Wheel of Time has cast 4 key new characters, including Thom Merrilin and Padan Fain. - IGN
  • Now-fired Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson was seen on video drinking for hours with a woman who was not his wife at the popular Ceres Cafe, sources told the Tribune. Later that night, Johnson was found in his car at a stop sign, slumped over the wheel. - Jason Meisner
  • “Young Liberal National party leader Barclay McGain filmed laughing after teenager he interviewed says Australia shouldn’t celebrate ‘a culture that couldn’t even invent the bloody wheel’” Narrow minded, racist Berk. No respect for others. He’s the problem - 💧Ray Wilton 💧💦
  • Clever iPhone app brings back the classic iPod 'click wheel' loved by Apple fans - The Sun
  • The Obama Foundation launches with lobbyists and Wall Street at the wheel. - Myrna Lim
  • Racist Schoolies video comment prompts disciplinary action against Young LNP members "I mean we've got to stop celebrating a culture that couldn't even invent the b****y wheel for God's sake we've got to start enjoying & living in western culture exp - lynlinking
  • The Australian state of New South Wales has rolled out "high definition detection cameras", designed to catch drivers using cell phones behind the wheel - CNN International
  • Michael Rosen salutes the NHS at 60 These are the hands That touch us first Feel your head Find the pulse And make your bed. These are the hands That tap your back Test the skin Hold your arm Wheel the bin Change the bulb Fix the drip. - Steffan Ifans
  • This is what distracted driving looks like in LA and New York. New data shows drivers are distracted around 20% of the time behind the wheel - Bloomberg
  • RTC staff behind the wheel, unions come under fire - TOI Hyderabad
  • Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White to Host Annual Secret Santa Giveaway in Pat Sajak's Absence - People
  • Shawl gets entangled in bike’s wheel, severs 70-yr-old man’s head - TOI Bhopal
  • Vanna White was ‘scared to death’ to take over ‘Wheel of Fortune’ hosting duties for ailing Pat Sajak Monday, White's first episode as host airs. Doing the show without Sajak was “just horrible." - New York Daily News
  • From right under the nose of regulators who are asleep at the wheel, indian investors have lost tons of money Team mint money brings you this package. @livemint ow Indian regulators have cost you money - Monika Halan
  • Dad spared jail after killing fiancee by falling asleep at wheel after holiday - Jan Thomson
  • Vanna White: Hosting 'Wheel of Fortune' for the first time 'was very scary for me' - New York Post


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