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  • Hakeem Jeffries on McConnell’s comments about his plans to coordinate with Trump lawyers: ”In other words, the jury -Senate Republicans - are going to coordinate with the defendant - Donald Trump - on how exactly the kangaroo court is going to be run.” - Manu Raju
  • Exclusive: Documents reveal how McDonald's has fought the Fight For $15, from gathering intel on a meeting from a mole, to circulating names of suspected pro-union staff. Now Trump appointees are poised to set aside recusal pleas & deliver McD's a huge win - Josh Eidelson
  • Trump could sit on his couch eating KFC until next November and would get 40 percent of the vote, because white patriarchy. He can barely read or put two sentences together without uttering a malaprop or something traitorous. Of course he might not debate. - Jamil Smith
  • Bush White House ethics lawyer calls Trumps "an organized crime family," tells Dems to "go after all of them" - Newsweek
  • For years, Stephen Miller has worked to uphold white supremacist ideology in the White House. He's helped craft some of Trump's most cruel & xenophobic policies, including separating immigrant families. He must be removed from the White House immediately. - Kamala Harris
  • Lavrov won’t even give Trump cover by backing up his account of what they discussed. Dramatic proof of what the power dynamic is between Putin and our about-to-be impeached president! - Laurence Tribe
  • Getting nowhere calling the airline? Try social media. You might get free White Claw... - Chicago Tribune
  • The Senate has passed a resolution that formally recognizes the mass killings of 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey that took place a century ago. Turkey condemned the measure, saying it's put the U.S.-Turkey relationship at risk. - NPR
  • Mitch McConnell tells Fox News: “We all know how it’s going to end: There’s no chance the president’s gonna be removed from office.” - The Daily Beast
  • Conservative group hits White House, key GOP lawmakers with billboard ads: "What is Trump hiding?" - The Hill
  • Images of whiteness: can we imagine a world without white eyes? - The Guardian
  • President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday that the U.S. is getting “very close” to a “big deal” with China - Bloomberg
  • While attending those events, Parnas was photographed with former Florida AG Pam Bondi, who is now advising the White House on its impeachment defense strategy. The WH didn't respond to a request for comment. - Shelby Holliday
  • The state of Florida is crawling with violent white supremacists who commit mass shootings regularly. So they created a new “Red Flag” law to take guns away from POTENTIAL threats. And the first person targeted with this law was a Black man - Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸
  • BREAKING: The Univ. of North Carolina issued a massive $2.5M payout to the Sons of Confederate Veterans to help them preserve ‘Silent Sam’— a Confederate statue removed from campus. This is support for white supremacy and we’re fighting back! @LawyersComm - Kristen Clarke
  • “Future’s new favorite thing is mud,” a zookeeper said. “She sees a puddle and she wants to roll in it!” A white rhino born last month at San Diego Zoo Safari Park was named Future. - AP Oddities
  • New Zealand volcano eruption: police to launch White Island recovery operation – live - The Guardian
  • Doctors treating victims of New Zealand volcano eruption need 1.2 million sq cm of skin for patients - BBC News (World)
  • Student loan debt in the U.S. surpassed $1.6 trillion in 2019. And the default rate among African American graduates is more than five times the rate of white graduates. Now, one expert is sounding the alarm about student loans. - NPR


{ Ma madeleine de Proust } Ma maman nous a toujours préparé ces petits sablés parfumés aux grain

{ Ma madeleine de Proust } Ma maman nous a toujours préparé ces petits sablés parfumés aux graines de réglisse depuis notre tendre enfance. ❤️* Est qualifié de madeleine...

Making it's way out from the mud, through the waters and blooms to the world. So grounded yet faces

Making it's way out from the mud, through the waters and blooms to the world. So grounded yet faces the skies Shields in the darkness of the night waters Only to bloom brighter a...


🍁یک ســـــلام پـاییـزی ❣صبحتون زیبـا 🍁امروزتون پر ا

🍁یک ســـــلام پـاییـزی ❣صبحتون زیبـا 🍁امروزتون پر از خوشی ❣امیدوارم یه صبح پاییزی قشنگ 🍁و یک ر...