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  • If you wrote a book with a character who wanted to slash health care for millions but also wanted taxpayers to foot the bill for her jewelry the publisher you pitched it to would toss your manuscript out the window - Adam Serwer🍝
  • His family traced Kevin Ellison’s decline to the middle of 2012. That June, Ellison ignited the bed in his apartment. He jumped out a third-story window, later telling authorities God ordered him to start the fire. - Los Angeles Times
  • “What’s frightening about AI isn’t terminators and super intelligent machines: it’s the way AI works to centralise knowledge and power in the hands of those who already have it and further disempower those who don’t.” Great to chat with @marievonboran - Meredith Whittaker
  • "It's hard enough to get three players done in a transfer window. To get six or seven done is extremely difficult." Ed Woodward says it's a a "multi-year squad evolution analysis" for Man Utd. Read more: - BBC Sport
  • More Eddie Johnson details: When officers found him slumped over, Johnson rolled down the window on his police vehicle part way, flashed his superintendent’s badge and drove off. He was at popular/boozy bar Ceres Cafe for hours with a woman beforehand. - Gregory Pratt
  • What did the CIA's torture program look like from the perspective of a victim? These drawings give us a window into these war crimes which the US government has refused to prosecute. - Kenneth Roth
  • "UN says entire nations could be wiped off Earth by rising sea levels if global warming is not reversed... Governments have a 10-year window of opportunity before it goes beyond human control" From today's UN Climate meeting? Nope. It's from *1989* - Mike Shellenberger
  • A man was arrested in San Diego after police say he rehearsed a mass shooting plot and posted the videos on Youtube. The videos allegedly showed a man pointing assault weapons at several unassuming pedestrians from a hotel window in the city - ABC7 Eyewitness News
  • “Michigan began using an automated decision system named MiDAS to detect employment fraud...The system falsely accused at least 42,000 Michigan residents leading to cases of bankruptcy filings and even suicides.” - Frank Pasquale
  • Since the election, Trudeau has been showing a different side and tone but that went out the window with a throne speech that played lip service to working together which pushing hard on the Liberal election platform. Read & RT #cdnpoli - Brian Lilley
  • Swiss banks set to keep nearly £5bn of illegal charges on 200,000 UK customers as investors fail to claim redress within ten year window - Paul Lewis
  • Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jim Risch was willing to give Turkey space to consider a US proposal to address its purchases of the Russian S-400 missile defense system. That window is now closed. - CNN
  • Toronto Community Housing has banned the installation of window air conditioning systems following the death of a toddler who was crushed after a unit dislodged and fell eight storeys. - Toronto Star
  • In Opinion "The holiday shopping season is upon us, and along with the bright lights and frosted window displays we can count on suffering through a more shadowy tradition: rampant cybercrime," writes Jonathan Lusthaus. - The New York Times
  • Eating all your food during a specific window of time could help with weight loss, better sleep, lower blood pressure - Newsweek
  • Grandmother Talks About Dropping Kids to Safety Out of Third Story Window During Fire. Her 6 year old grandson landed on the hard pavement and survived. @nbcwashington’s Shomari Stone Reports Only On 4. VIDEO - Shomari Stone
  • Who has the most to prove ahead of January? #safc - The Chronicle
  • Shame that Gibbo has blown the PR launch strategy out of the window but... Labour has just pledged to cut regulated rail fares by a third from January and let all kids travel free. - Jim Waterson
  • Solskjær says he knows what United’s team looks like next season (Sancho/Haaland key to that) - now he wants Woodward to make sure new signings aren’t left to the last minute like last summer #mufc - James Robson




🖤 🦒 🐼 💫 I popped into primark today with the intention of picking up one thing & walked

🖤 🦒 🐼 💫 I popped into primark today with the intention of picking up one thing & walked out with a bag full !! (Story of everyone’s life I know 🙊) I instantly kne...

The mighty Brahmaputra. (shot on the phone) Stunning views outside my borrowed window seat this morn

The mighty Brahmaputra. (shot on the phone) Stunning views outside my borrowed window seat this morning! It's magical when the sunlight reflects off the surface of the water for a ...


GOLGUMBAZ EXPRESS ! 16535/MYSURU - SOLAPUR GOLGUMBAZ EXPRESS ಗೋಲ್ ಗುಂಬಜ್ ಎಕ್ಸ್‌ಪ್ರೆಸ್ गोलगुंबज एक्सप्रे...