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  • The goal was to connect. The Beacon Journal/Ohio.com, the Devil Strip and WKSU public radio sat down with about 200 residents this month at neighborhood school cafeteria tables. Engaged citizens came to talk about life in Akron. Journalists came to listen. - Akron Beacon Journal
  • It was a kick talking with @petersagal about NPR's @waitwait and how they pull it off each week. Here's the scoop on the @BlossomMusicCtr show coming up July 18. @WCPN @WKSU @ohiodotcom - Clint O'Connor
  • NPR’s David Folkenflik on Donald Trump’s hostility towards the press. (He's in town 9/21. Details @WKSU) - Clint O'Connor
  • This is riveting! @WKSU American Virginia Hall - the most valuable spy in WWII - Jennifer Conn
  • "All dogs are beautiful AND WE DON'T DESERVE THEM!" -WKSU Morning Edition producer @LydiaTaylrr during this story: - Amanda Rabinowitz
  • The Obamas' film production company is releasing its first documentary based on the story of the large Chinese company that took over a GM factory near Dayton. Hear more about "American Factory" in just a few minutes on WKSU's Morning Edition! - WKSU
  • What would make Akron a better place to work and live? In conjunction with @WKSU and @akrondevilstrip, join the conversation at a community event: 4/9 - Buchtel 4/11 - East 4/14 - Jennings 4/16 - Innes RSVP at - Akron Beacon Journal
  • What would make your life in Akron better? Tell us, @WKSU and @ohiodotcom: Tuesday 4/9 at 6pm at Buchtel Thursday 4/11 at 6pm at East Sunday 4/14 at 2 pm at Jennings Tuesday 4/16 at 2pm at Innes RSVP at - The Devil Strip
  • Northeast Ohio farm family profiled on today's @MorningEdition on NPR @WKSU - Jeff St.Clair
  • Join WKSU tonight at 9pm for LIVE coverage of Pres. Donald Trump's address from the Oval Office, plus the Democratic response - Jeff St.Clair
  • NPR partner station WKSU recently sat down with Akron, Ohio-based small business owners participating in our #retailrevival program to discuss the exciting opportunities and support it provides: - jmiln
  • I’m listening @WKSU to How The 'New World' Symphony Introdu... from Deceptive Cadence from NPR Music on my WKSU App! - Elaine Vincent
  • Great night at Blossom w @petersagal and @waitwait - Tune in Saturday to @WKSU and @WCPN NPR's 'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!' brings laughs to Blossom - Clint O'Connor
  • AKRON: what would make your city a better place to work and live? Let us know at upcoming community conversations in April, hosted by the @akrondevilstrip @WKSU and @ohiodotcom. RSVP and join the conversation now w/ #thisisakron : - Your Voice Ohio
  • For those who may not know, for the next couple of months, I will be helping @wksu investigate and report on environmental issues in Ohio. I came across this piece from the @nytimes on some rules being removed under the Trump administration - Brandon Bounds🌲
  • “@ohiodotcom , @WKSU and @akrondevilstrip will host a series of conversations... in #akron about the future of the city.” - Kyle Kutuchief
  • This Is Akron: About 200 residents at community forums identify solutions to improve their city, @ABJDoug reports. - Michael Shearer
  • Hey Akron: You're invited to sit down and talk with The Beacon Journal/@ohiodotcom, @akrondevilstrip & @wksu to talk about the future of the city. What are your hopes, fears, ideas to take the Rubber City into the next chapter of its life? #rsvp - Amanda Garrett
  • As a proud supporter of my local @NPR station (woot woot @WKSU), I'm sad to say today was the first time I've noticed the NPR blog @NPRGoatsandSoda. How have I missed such amazing content? Anwyay, enough of my ignorance, go check out some stories: - Matthew Merchant


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