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  • In case you didn’t know: all those tax cuts aren’t for most Americans, they’re for the rich. And the richest now pay less than the working class - Nick Schwellenbach
  • We've got a policy for that. - Jeremy Corbyn
  • We can't treat our hardworking NHS staff like this. Boris Johnson's Tories have deliberately cut staff and now the NHS is in crisis. Labour will recruit the doctors and nurses we need. - Jeremy Corbyn
  • Kanye West made a bold claim after taking the stage alongside pastor Joel Osteen. “The greatest artist that God ever created is now working for (Him),” West said. “I’m here in service to God. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” - New York Daily News
  • Reddit has stopped working - The Independent
  • Chris Wallace confronts Steve Scalise: "No, sir, they are career foreign service officers and these are people who worked in the Trump administration." "These are all people, you say they are Schiff's witnesses—they all were working in the Trump admin." - Kyle Griffin
  • Florence Pugh: "How did you find working with Greta Gerwig?" Beanie Feldstein: "No, how did you find working with Greta Gerwig? And what about Saoirse?" Pugh: "I can talk about Saoirse Ronan —" Feldstein: "For the rest of my life" - Variety
  • 10 years ago today, #justinbieber released his debut EP, #myworld The writers, producers & photographers look back on working on the 2009 project - billboard
  • Rudy Giuliani's 31-year-old son has been working in the White House since since March 2017. A former senior White House official plainly called it “a nepotism job.” What a read, in @TheAtlantic. - Adam Klasfeld
  • I’m the working-class 25-year-old standing to unseat Boris Johnson – here’s why I’m going to win For the Tories, politics has long been an arena where they can... - Maureen Fitzsimmons
  • Some recent BioWare departures have led lots of fans and pundits to speculate that Anthem is dead. But in reality, sources tell Kotaku, BioWare is working on a complete overhaul of the game. Lots up in the air, but "Anthem Next" is happening. New from me: - Jason Schreier
  • Nickelodeon and Netflix are reportedly working on a Squidward-focused SpongeBob SquarePants spinoff. - IGN
  • Boeing is working on a hypersonic jet that would go from NY to London in 2 hours - Andrew Yang🧢
  • Home Bargains to be closed on Boxing Day to give hard-working staff time off with family The day off is not taken out of Home Bargains staff’s holiday allowance meaning 22,000 employees will still get paid while they spend time with their family - Socialist Voice 🌐
  • The dedicated staff who love our NHS shouldn't be made to pick up the pieces of years of Tory underfunding and neglect. Only Labour will save our NHS. - The Labour Party
  • Our team has been working on the Green New Deal for Public Housing for months, engaging residents & experts. It takes principles of the GND & creates economic stimulus for working people to decarbonize & center frontline communities. Read about it: - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Opinions seem to be moving rapidly. 51% favor impeachment. 70% believe what Trump did is wrong. Public hearings seem to be working with 20% saying they’re paying close attention now. - Joyce Alene
  • NHS staff are working ONE MILLION hours of unpaid overtime every week. Without their goodwill and dedication our health service would quite literally collapse. We could not be more grateful - please RT if you are too. - NHS Million
  • As a vice-chancellor, I know UCU members will not have voted for strike action lightly. Staff are committed to their universities & the success of their students & the vote reflects the strength of feeling about the future of pensions & working conditions. - UCU


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