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  • Wow. India's Muslim Ban. - Noah Smith 🐇
  • Wow, this is unbelievable! I share this great honour with everyone in the #fridaysforfuture movement and climate activists everywhere. #climatestrike - Greta Thunberg
  • Wow, "Richard Jewell" depicts Kathy Scruggs — a real Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter — sleeping with an FBI agent to land a scoop about the '96 Olympic bombing. But there's no evidence it happened, and Scruggs died in 2001 and cannot defend herself. - Zack Stanton
  • 23 Pop Culture Moments From December 2009 That Made Me Say, "Oh Wow, Can't Believe That Was 10 Years Ago" - BuzzFeed
  • BREAKING: WOW! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that When Rudy Giuliani returned from Ukraine on Saturday, Trump called him "'What did you get?'" he said Trump asked. "More than you can imagine," Giuliani replied. - PoliticsVideoChannel
  • Wow wow wow...this story. “She held up her hand to display five fingers. Her voice was loud, her Slovakian accent deep. ‘I saved you five times from bad shipment,’ she said.” - Bianna Golodryga
  • Really feeling the love today! Voted one of the Top 5 CEOs in ALL THE US?? Wow, all I can say is THANK YOU! - John Legere
  • Wow. This is BAD. The whole rules-based international order is being torn up by a US administration infiltrated by an oligarchic-fascist Russian state, which also has its tentacles deep into British democracy. The coup is of international dimensions. - Elinor Elliot
  • WOW lio and galo’s seiyuu gave a rare promare interview and photoshoot!! - ㋐🍌🐟ジンちゃんさん@プロメア応炎中🔥⛸🐬㋐
  • If this is real - wow. - Lisa Raitt
  • "When her mother Danielle Nebres told her she was the first black Marie, the New York Times reported, she simply responded: "Wow. That seems a little late."" - Shireen Ahmed
  • Wow. Even ES&S admits hand marked paper ballots lessen polling place lines. - Susan Greenhalgh
  • Wow. This is some writing. - Aaron E. Carroll
  • wow. More than $20 million of the Pentagon aid at the center of the impeachment fight still hasn’t reached Ukraine. - Caroline Orr
  • today is a good day for anyone who happily posted mattis knife-hand memes or wow-petraeus-can-do-a-lot-of-pushups stories to get on the skepticism bus where you belonged all along. - C.J. Chivers
  • Wow. A $30 million war room to fight climate science. That money could pay for hospital beds, pension plans or ensuring a just transition for oil workers. Instead, Alberta's premier is paying to propagate his own propaganda. - Green Party Canada
  • Uddhav's new VALUES ! 1000 trees in Aurangabad can be cut for Bal Thackeray memorial while he halts Mumbai Metro project for saving Aarey wow - Karuna Gopal
  • Lot of wow moments here, but for me the peak was when the CEO, in a message telling staff they couldn't take the time off they had earned, said: "I hope everyone appreciates the thoughtfulness I’ve put into creating this career development opportunity" - Mathew Ingram
  • WOW THE AUDACITY @CBC tryna make this look like they filmed a farewell vid. THIS AIN'T IT. take your gaslighting and hit the door. #renewannewithane - mira is not giving up 🦊🧡🥕👒


The Nada's Italy team is at

The Nada's Italy team is at "school" today learning how to provide faster, more efficient and higher standards in services. We brought our Charlotte, Rome and Delray Beach teams un...