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  • Caroll Spinney has died. The puppeteer who gave life to Big Bird, the towering yellow avian of TV’s 'Sesame Street,' was 85. - The Washington Post
  • You probably never went inside Yesterday, the small yellow shack in Wrigleyville that sold autographs, old newspapers, political pins. On Monday, Tom Boyle, its owner, died at 88. He sat there most days on a stool, waiting for customers. My appreciation. - chris borrelli
  • [email protected]'s heist of the music industry is probably one of the biggest jack-moves in hip-hop history. Read all about how #bodakyellow impacted the decade below - billboard
  • France's general strike started yesterday. Unions, yellow vests, students lead the strike against Macron government's (i.e. the corporate rich's) attack on a retirement system French people fought for and won years ago. - Richard D. Wolff
  • I read Boris Johnson’s novel cover-to-cover at my desk and every yellow post-it was a ‘WTF’ - Jon Stone
  • From a distance, it’s hard to make out the details of this yellow photograph that seems like a piece of Pop art. But these items were all seized from migrants and asylum seekers trekking through the desert in an attempt to cross the U.S.-Mexico border - LAT Entertainment
  • CW: violence. This is not the first incident of violence committed against counter-protesters by the Yellow Vests. They continue to escalate their violence and hateful rhetoric. This is one of the reasons we say #yellowvestscanadaisahategroup - The Hungover Pundit
  • This weekend, amid the long-running Yellow Vest demonstrations, France faced another, separate protest: a national strike over President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to overhaul the pension system - The New York Times
  • YELLOW-BELLIED NIC Nicola Sturgeon drops call for second Scottish independence vote because she knows voters hate it - Bibby Ayrshire
  • A year of insurgency: How Yellow Vests left ‘indelible mark’ on French politics. - Jim Roberts
  • Tensions as Yellow Vests Join French Retirement Protests - Everitt Lawson Group
  • Surrounded by towering oak trees and waist-high, yellow-tipped grass, these rescued foxes are getting a second chance. - Nat Geo Travel
  • This yellow raincoat symbolises the man who died after falling from pacific place a day before 2 millions took to the streets on June 16. #humanrightsday #hongkongprotests Protesters Mount Largest Rally in Six Months: #hongkong Update - Fion Li
  • Demi Rose shows off her hourglass curves in a skimpy yellow bikini - Daily Mail Celebrity
  • Yellow sliotar set to be used in 2020 hurling championship - Irish Times Sport
  • In the News: panic in Conservative ranks about seats such as #esherandwalton. Vote for me on Thursday and we can turn it from true blue to vibrant yellow. #votetactically #votenottory #makeitmonica #rejectraab @remainutd @unitetoremain - Monica Harding🔶 #LibDems
  • I stand by my comments and conduct. I have zero tolerance for racism against any community. I would be just as passionate in my defense of any member of that CEC if they were the target of a similar racist comment. via @selimalgar - Councilman Deutsch
  • Thousands of fans in black and yellow booed or jeered Phil Kessel upon his return with a new team. But then again, things were very different when he went back to Boston 10 years (and a day) ago. On Friday, Kessel's return to Pittsburgh was a celebration. - Seth Rorabaugh
  • #janhvikapoor nails #sridevi's yellow saree look from #chandni at 90s #bollywood-themed #party, #pictures go #viral - India.com


Sticker design inspired by listening to a certain spiderverse soundtrack...yeah you got it, it's Sun

Sticker design inspired by listening to a certain spiderverse soundtrack...yeah you got it, it's Sunflower! 🌻 That song is just wholesome! Swipe left to see the raw sketch 💛 ...



Looks do dia Enviamos para todo Brasil✈🇧🇷 Pague com PagSeguro 💳 ou transferência Para ma

Looks do dia Enviamos para todo Brasil✈🇧🇷 Pague com PagSeguro 💳 ou transferência Para mais informações nos chame no direct ou no whats da loja 14 998417637 #lookdod...