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  • BBC News - Sydney Zoo: Does the world still need big zoos? - Peter
  • Delighted German zoo and a very proud mother show off their newly arrived baby hippopotamus - Daily Mail Online
  • Try to have half as much fun as these river otters who couldn't get enough of the snow, chasing each other around at the Buffalo Zoo! - ABC News
  • Advocates have been fighting for over a decade to send Lucy the elephant, who lives alone at the frigid #edmontonzoo, to a sanctuary to live with other elephants in a warm climate. But Lucy's health has plummeted, and now she may never be free #savelucy - Animal Justice
  • Baby white rhino gets name, frolics in mud at San Diego zoo - ABC News - - Andrew Thomas
  • "Prior to human assistance, there were only 14 Red Wolves left in the world"-unknown HUMANS ARE MOST LIKELY WHY THEY WERE DOWN TO 14!! It's sad either way to... - darleneprovo
  • 50-year-old elephant, oldest at Oakland Zoo, collapses and dies #smartnews - MM
  • Naming these panda cubs as Hong Kong is way too suitable. 1) both of them have very low birth rate and is heading to extinction 2) both leave China and head to the free world 3) but if China is angry, she can take them back and screw them over there - hkendoscope
  • The first panda twins horned in #germany, Readers of Tagesspiegel had picked them as their preferred names in a poll, social media proposed to name them “Hong” and “Kong” in support of the territory’s pro-democracy protests. #hongkong - Nikki😷
  • Senators ask mayor to protect zoo animals - zoo inspector
  • Zoos are outdated and cruel – it’s time to make them a thing of the past - Amy Le Roux
  • More than 400 animals now rescued from troubled eastern Iowa zoo - Olivia Jones
  • No independent vet evaluation only the vets who are in the pockets of zoos and keeping animals in captivity. Lucy needs sanctuary and she needs it now @CityofEdmonton your not fooling us by this whitewash report #freelucy to sanctuary NOW - Tj 🐘🐳🦒🦍🐅🦁
  • A year on from the heartbreaking fire, this is how Chester Zoo has bounced back 'stronger than ever' - Manchesters Finest
  • “Future’s new favorite thing is mud.” A white rhino born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park last month has been named ‘Future’ for what the calf represents to rhino conservation worldwide, officials say. - ABC News
  • A panda named Dindin encountered a snowman built by zoo workers in her enclosure—and decided to feast on its bamboo arms and carrot nose! - ABC News
  • Sleep in an ice hotel, eat in an ice restaurant, drink in an ice bar. Visit reindeer and husky farms and a zoo specializing in Arctic animals like polar and brown bears. #travel #finland - TribLIVE.com
  • More Than A Decade Later, Zoo Lights At Smithsonian National Zoo Remains Popular DC Attraction - WJZ | CBS Baltimore
  • A strange, slimy organism that lacks a nervous system — not to be confused with Donald tRump — debuted at Paris zoo this weekend. "The blob" can solve mazes and heal itself. And scientists think the species has been around for as long as 1 billion years. - McSpocky™ 👽🌊


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Какой корм предпочитает ваш питомец? 🐱Балуете ли вы вашего питомца?☺️ 🐱🐶🐠Товары для животных...

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からの手乗りハリネズミ🦔❤️ 手のひらに💩されたけど可愛い❤️ . ☑︎しろとり動物園 / 松原, 東かがわ市, 香川県, 日本 ☑︎Shiro...

Daytime and nighttime Reggie the Alligator 🐊 holiday decoration and Snake holiday decoration on t

Daytime and nighttime Reggie the Alligator 🐊 holiday decoration and Snake holiday decoration on the roof of The Lair at the L.A. Zoo. 🎄Los Angeles, CA. November 24, 2019 #laz...