Who said what about 800down?

  • paying for 800down 400up and we're getting this, this aint it @SparkNZ - slaya

  • That shit look like this thing from the movie slither - Talitha_Freeman

  • By 800down Barnacles - surffishing

  • Been listening to the ISS for years even spoke to NA1SS back in July 2002 on 145.200up 145.800down, just depends who is on. - John-GM7PBB

  • Happy Gamer Going to have 800down/1000 up in the next 48 hours... Even tho this is more than enough - Joe // Shexting

  • Check out my Speedtest results! 826.2 Mbps down and 95.1 Mbps up. How do your speeds compare? - Jay Chua

  • 800down sold their account to a pregnancy workout company 4 days after they made their account lol - zachary

  • Getting 990 up 800down in a couple weeks can’t wait - MoR Kyle

  • I already miss RIT's fast internet #800down - Kegan S

  • So who is gonna come in and get a car Tomorw ??? $800down 2010 & better. - T

  • ~800up/800down internet and all the channels you could possibly imagine (except Pac 12 network, but there's Sling). Worth the struggle tbh. - Set Queen

  • So proud right now #800down - Lauren Kaplan

  • Well here in NA, the ISPs pay Speedtest to show better speeds, if i try any other website i can 10 times slower speeds lmao Speedtest results 800down/20up Multiple other websites 124down/5up When I pay for 1000down/30up Your internet is Kreygasm though - Moody

  • @PolkainIstanbul @Turkeyreport this is what I said.there were many illegals.miners saidthere ve been around 800down .itwas shift changetime - ey gafil

  • ✓ Voted-#1-Buy-Here-Pay-Here-N-Apopka=2003 PT Cruiser $800down (Cars Cars Cars – Apopka ) $800: Come See Why 75... - Orlando Cars Online

  • ** ’00 Buick LeSabre Auto -Loaded-$800Down-You-R-Approved-Here (Cars Cars Cars – Apopka ) $800: DONT FORGET TO... - Orlando Cars Online

  • @ReBeLRelL86 She said its 2700 n i can pay 50 a week but i need to put a 800down! im bout 2 save all my cash! it got leathers and a sunroof! - DeJae

  • 2000 Acura 3.2 TL w/ 150xxx , cold AC , sunroof , heated seats , rides excellent , $3995 #800down - BB Truck Corral

  • 800down - 800down Asian sheepshead wrasse || @nhm_wpy - - DANJAROUSWHIPZ LLC

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