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  • Buildabrat gets the first #spanking of her life on her 19th birthday at #tassp. She was glowing. - DrLectr

  • that harry styles is prince eric? it was a rumor for like 2 days but then it got released that he rejected the role - mc

  • it’s fine it’s honestly funny AGKDGWJ - mc

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  • She wasn't judging anyone she was simply clarifying people's confusion on Jesus addressing homosexuality. Also, if you had watched the video to the very end (which you probably didn't; or maybe you did who knows) she says that she has sinned and she's not perfect. - Sean Buck


  • i think it just got lost in the comments but im almost positive it’s @ buildabrat - ✧ 𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎 𝒽𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓎 ✧

  • Photographer sacha_maric Makeup Artist @ADavisDeacon and Hairstylist yohey0929 team up for a new beauty story featuring Ellia Sophia buildabrat #elliasophia #sachamaric #beauty #makeup #angeladavisdeacon - De Facto Inc.

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  • bro the way the raccoon looks better than her sends me - ann

  • hoy ilustré a una de mis modelos favorita, ellia sophia o buildabrat en un backstage para gucci cruise 20. pueden ir a ig y le dan amor. - ✳︎ julián ✳︎

  • life tip: blood donating + period= fainting and vomiting - zanida corujo

Shot by @sammariesaint for his upcoming book “Sodapop”

Shot by @sammariesaint for his upcoming book “Sodapop”...

Okayyy sooooo 😳 ya 😝🎸

Okayyy sooooo 😳 ya 😝🎸...




me and my beautiful mama

me and my beautiful mama...